Thanksgiving Day is on Thursday, November 22, and millions of families are getting together to share a meal and be in community. Some family members probably have not seen one another since the last holiday. They might be tempted to share their opinions about a lot of touchy subjects. However, there are some topics that should be off-limits around the Thanksgiving table.

Because of the many volatile subjects in the news these days, it is highly recommended not to bring them up while you are in a mixed group. You probably know how to have a group conversation, but don't count on everyone else being able to carry on a conversation without it becoming heated during the Thanksgiving dinner.

Topics to avoid

Politics should not be discussed because there is no political issue you can solve while you are eating turkey, cranberry sauce and other side dishes. There is no need to get the whole table all riled up over what President Donald Trump is doing or not doing or what he has tweeted.

Religion is another subject that should be avoided. All family members do not believe the same thing, and it is doubtful that a conversation in the midst of others is going to get them to change their mind over controversial subjects. There is no need to make others uncomfortable with your beliefs. Another time will be more appropriate.

In years past, sports was a safe topic to talk about in mixed company but not anymore.

That's because there are so many other things associated with sports that are debatable. For instance, the subject of sports figures kneeling or not kneeling during the singing of the national anthem won't be settled during your meal.

Family gossip shouldn't be tolerated at the dinner table. There is nothing that important that can't wait until the next day when the crowd is not around.

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Refrain from bragging about your accomplishments. You might have gotten a big job promotion, but you are being insensitive to the cousin who has just gotten laid off from his job. Resist the urge to give a medical report around the table. People might be concerned about your health, but they don't want to hear about the details of your last doctor's visit when they are eating.

Safe topics

A few safe topics that might not cause an argument include television shows, movies, music, and the weather. Even so, you should not push any topic on people if you sense they are not interested. If you know your cousin that you sat beside last year brought up uncomfortable topics, try to choose a seat at the other end of the table so you will not have to listen to her when she brings up a forbidden topic.

Happy Thanksgiving and may all your conversations be pleasant ones.