Traveling is something that most people want to do but may not always have the money to do so. There are more places out there for not all that much than one may realize. So, get out there and see the world. Here are seven of the cheapest countries to visit if you are traveling on a budget.


Bolivia is an awesome place to Travel in South America on a budget. Most spend about 40 US dollars a day. There are a lot of nature filled things to do in Bolivia, such as the Salt Flats, as well as historical attractions in the cities. Hotels are on average 40 US dollars a night.


This beautiful country is not as expensive as you may think. There are many houses and apartments that you can find on Airbnb for just 50 US dollars a night. It is possible to live off of about 60 US dollars a day. There are plenty beaches and other things to do on the islands in this gorgeous country. Also, don’t miss the beautiful photo opportunities around every corner of every street.


The average spent a day while traveling in India is about 20 US dollars. Whether you are walking through the streets filled with rich culture or taking in the breathtaking architecture of the temples you will not be disappointed. India has so much to offer and is not going to burn a hole in your wallet.


Most only spend about 40 US dollars a day while traveling in Mexico. There are many things to do for very cheap or even free. There are beautiful beaches in the coastal cities and cenotes (sinkholes) in many other areas. These sinkholes have crystal clear waters and are something you will not find anywhere else.

South Africa

There is a lot to offer in South Africa from safaris to climbing the national park mountains. The average spent there a day is 50 US dollars a day! There are plenty of things to do that do not cost all that much and take up a whole day’s worth of time.


Thailand’s rich culture and amazing food is not only one reason to visit, but you can live off of just 30 US dollars a day.

Thinks like going to a football game, taking public transportation, and eating at fast food cost a dollar or less. Hotels are not very expensive either! The average price for a hotel room is just 50 US dollars a night.


Vietnam may not seem like a destination most go to but it has a lot to offer. Tours and lodging are very cheap here. Most can get by spending just 30 US dollars a day! There are many things to do from eating in the streets to discovering all of the beautiful scenery that Vietnam has to offer.