A mother in Rochester, New York is very angry after getting more than one robocall from her daughter's school. Nicomi Stewart isn't angry because she has been getting the Robocalls, but she is angry because her daughter's Name is being mispronounced to make it sound like a racial slur.

The daughter's name

The daughter's name is Niccari. Stewart told news reporters that the message clearly pronounced the name like the N-word. It just so happened that Niccari is black. When Nicarri missed one day at Edison Career and Technology High School, the district called more than once.

The upset mother didn't believe her ears the first time, so when the next robocall came in, she recorded it. She refers to it as insensitive. The angry and upset mother said the same thing happened last year. After she complained, the district said Nicarri's name would be removed from the robocall list, but she still received other calls after that.

Stewart concluded that it is very disrespectful and degrading for her daughter to be called what she has been called. Even though her child's name starts with an "N" she shouldn't have to hear her being called by the Racial Slur.


Lawrence Bo Wright apologized on behalf of the Rochester City School District. The deputy superintendent of administration publicly indicated that it was an honest mistake and the district is sorry something like this happened to one of its students.

He concluded that the issue was with the software that is being used that mispronounced Niccari's name.

The district uses "Blackboard Connect" that is a system that just didn't get it right. The deputy superintendent compared it to the voice on a driver's GPS where the system doesn't pronounce the correct name of a street. Wright promised the disgruntled mother that if she has to be contacted, it will be done with a telephone call or email.

Even after that assurance, Stewart still received another robocall with the same mispronunciation.

HuffPost contacted the vendor to get more information about the racial slur. Blackboard Connect responded by saying it's an automated text to speech software and the system repeated what it saw in the text. The company said it would correct the problem.

It seems like Stewart has been trying to get the problem solved for a long time. She is frustrated because it has taken so much of her time with no results. It is interesting that the problem has not been solved after so many attempts have been made.