Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, who is best known as Pewdiepie, draws mixed response from critics and fans alike for using the N-word during a PlayerUnknown's Battleground's (PUGB) live stream on Sunday.

YouTube star accused of being racist after Sunday live stream

According to New York Daily News, the YouTube star was streaming the new game when he started blurting out racial remarks against a player. "What a f*cking n****r. Geez, oh my god, what the f*ck! Sorry, but what the f*ck! What a f**king a**hole," he cursed out.

PewDiePie has over 57 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Hence, his racist remarks drew a mixed response from gamers who took to social media to share their two cents on the controversial racial slur made by the Swedish web-based comedian and video producer.

Sean Vanaman, who is a co-founder of Campo Santo, revealed his plan to file a DMCA takedown of PewDiePie's controversial Firewatch content and future Campo Santo games. The game designer went on to slam the YouTube star and accused him of causing damage to the online game community.

The lead writer of "The Walking Dead" also promised to reach out to other game developers to cut PweDiePie off from their contents.

Gamers react to PewDiePie's latest controversy

The online community, on the other hand, shared their different opinions on the issue. Most of them were outraged by PewDiePie's racist remarks and thought that the YouTube star should learn his lessons after being mired in yet another controversy.

Others came to his defense and explained that it is normal for a gamer to curse out while in the middle of a heated gaming moment.

The latest controversy came several months after Disney announced they were cutting ties with PewDiePie after making anti-Semantic jokes in his videos.

In a now-deleted vlog, the YouTube personality reportedly paid two men to hold a banner that read, "Death to all Jews," while another man dressed like Jesus Christ said, "Hitler did absolutely nothing wrong."

PewDiePie initially defended himself from online backlash but later acknowledged his mistake and apologized. "I am in no way supporting any kind of hateful attitudes," he clarified.

He explained that his videos are made for entertainment and should not be taken as serious political commentaries. The YouTube star, however, deemed the act "ultimately offensive" and apologized to those who took offense of the controversial video.

Meanwhile, the Swedish YouTube star has yet to make a comment on his latest issue.