Are you planning to visit Seattle sometime soon? Maybe to go see the Space Needle or maybe you have family that lives there. Whatever reason you are there, make sure to stop by some of these places listed below. These are places that you can get some of the best foods, that cup of coffee you know you want, and where you can pick up some souvenirs!

1. Pike Place Market

If you are going to be in Seattle, then Pike Place Market is a must. Going to the wonderful City Of Seattle and not taking part of a day at Pike Place would be wrong. The great thing about this place is you don’t really need any money to go there.

If you are not in the mood to spend money, it’s still fun to walk around. There is a large variety of little shops all crammed into a building that can only be described as an old maze. All the shops you will see are all so interesting. Most of them contain items that are handmade by the merchant.

Pike Place also always has fresh flowers and, of course, a big selection of seafood. You’ll know when you have made it to the seafood because it will be the only thing you can smell. That, and there are flying fish every once in awhile. The workers throw fish to one another to entertain tourists. If you don’t like seafood, there is a little donut shop and other options as well. Just make sure you watch your step, with all the rain from outside, it can get slippery on some of the ramps.

2. The Waterfront

After you are done walking through Pike Place Market, go down to the waterfront. This is right next to Pike Place, so it’s a fast and easy walk to get there. This also has some shops along it, but mainly places to eat. Since you are on the water, most of what you will find is seafood but there are other options as well.

If you love seafood, then Ivar’s is a fantastic choice. It’s perfect for the whole family to enjoy! There is also Ivar’s Seafood Bar which is going to be less expensive but just as good. It’s not going to be the nice restaurant style, however.

While you are there, take a spin on the Great Wheel. This is Seattle’s ferris wheel that everyone should try.

If you go at night, then you will see it light up in all different colors and patterns. This would be a great way to end your day of exploring. Some helpful information about the Great Wheel is that it operates until 11 PM or 12 AM, depending on the day. The ride time can be anywhere from 12-20 minutes. Interestingly enough, it depends on the season for how long the ride is.

3. Sweet Iron Waffles

The next morning you can find yourself at this amazing waffle cafe. You know when you go to a restaurant and you can’t finish your food or when you do you feel a little sick because it was way too much? Well, this place has the perfect portions. When you first go to order, you get to choose if you want your waffle sweet or savory.

Then from there, you get to choose all your toppings and what kind of syrup you would like drizzled on top.

One of the great things about Sweet Iron is the atmosphere. It has good vibes only where you can sit down and enjoy your breakfast. All of the furniture is white with bright colors. During the summer, when the sun is shining through, it is so light and perfect. The workers are amazing as well. They always have a smile on their face and love to help with your waffle eating decisions. Along with all of that, they have some pretty great coffee selections that you really wouldn’t want to miss out on.

4. Meowtropolitan Cafe

Are you a cat lover? Then this is going to be your heaven. In downtown Seattle, there is a little coffee shop that has some great drink selections.

That’s not the best part, though. Once you get your drink, you go into a back room where there are cats roaming around everywhere! There are chairs and tables just like at a regular coffee shop, but there just might be a cat sleeping next to you.

At Meowtropolitan, there is a huge cat castle that allows the cats to walk above you and all around. All the cats are friendly and love attention from all the guests that come through. Don’t be worried about them taking your scone or drinking your coffee, they know to leave that alone and to just focus on getting you to scratch their head.

5. Kerry Park

If you are wanting a great picture to remember your time in Seattle, go to Kerry Park. Here at this park, you get a full view of the Seattle skyline.

You can clearly see the Space Needle and all the buildings around it. There is also the water with all the boats along it, too. Take a picnic and have some fun taking pictures. While you are there, you can watch the ferries go by on the water. This is a perfect place to admire the great city of Seattle.