October is a beautiful time to visit India. There is no humidity and you can bask in the pure rays of the sun. Make sure you see stunning Jaipur and fill your suitcase full of exotic gems. For the more adventurous, get yourself a permit for India's biggest secret: Manipur.

Located in the North-East, in Manipur healthy boiled dishes are served up on banana leaves. From small spicy fish to thick sweet rice pudding, Manipur's food is a lost treasure waiting to be found. You can also see the World's biggest laundry in Mumbai, or party with the jet set in Goa.

December is the resort's busiest time, so be sure to book ahead and beat the crowds to the local beaches of Goa.

South Korea

From September to October, Seoul comes to life. With its endless variety of restaurants and bars, you'd be hard-pressed to eat the same meal twice. As a vibrant, and multicultural city - Seoul delights with a kaleidoscope of beautiful people to meet and trendy places to be seen. Make sure you go before there's a nip in the air in late October.

Whatever you do, don't forget to go and see a popular K-pop band such as Girls' Generation. You can dance and sing along to their catchy melodies all night. Table service is another great treat in Seoul's bars. Many bar tables come fitted with a buzzer - one press and your waiter comes running back to fetch you more drinks.


In Japan, the burning hot summer often lasts right until the end of October. For the budget conscious, Osaka is a friendly mecca of coffee, beer, and the city's favorite snack, okonomiyaki - best described as a heady omelet laced with octopus. Although Tokyo is a more well-known city, Osaka is better known for its approachable and talkative residents.

With Kyoto a short train ride away, and Tokyo accessible by bullet train - accommodation in Osaka can be had for as little as twenty dollars a night.

We recommend you rent a one-room apartment without a bath or shower, that way you can make the most of the local bathhouses known as onsen. Remember to wash on the left-hand side of the room first - sit on the small stool and give yourself a scrub.

You can then move over to the right-hand side of the room and try one of the many baths: ice, hot and even electric.


Party people in China usually gravitate to Shanghai from September onwards. Located just off the East China coast, the weather is comfortably warm without being too humid. The sun is strong in October with cool breezes. When in Shanghai, make sure you visit Shouning Road, famous for its gorgeous Shanghai Dumplings. Stop off for a milk tea, before having your coffee in the former French area of Luwan. With its wide pavements and beautiful trees, you'll feel like you're window shopping in Paris.