Victoria’s Secret is partnering with a high-end fashion brand to unveil new collections during its Runway Show this year. The lingerie brand teamed up with Balmain which will be designing custom looks for the event, Vogue reported.

Balmain has just finished its Spring 2018 show at Paris Fashion Week and its partnership with L’Oréal. It is taking on a new venture known as the “capsule collection” that will feature themed outfits with the lingerie brand that will soon be launched on their official websites.

The collection is being promoted in social media with the hashtags “#BalmainArmy” and “#VSxBalmain.” The campaign is coupled with black-and-white color schemes and a video clip teasing fans about the upcoming event.

Sexy and modern

Victoria’s Secret revealed in a statement that Balmain’s creative director Olivier Rousteing will take charge of creating a “sexy and modern” creation for the upcoming show, Evening Standard reported. The combination of the appeal of many of the lingerie brand’s products and the fashion house’s couture dresses are expected to be seen.

This is the first time that Victoria’s Secret partnered with a fashion brand since it has previously collaborated with individuals designers in the past. The theme will also incorporate “Balmain’s instantly identifiable style,” the report added.

Furthermore, the company has been keeping the musical performers under wraps for now. But in their past events, they featured singers such as Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Selena Gomez and Katy Perry.

Balmain is a French fashion brand founded in 1946 by a renowned fashion designer. Since then, it has become one of the most sought-after brands in Europe and in international locations. In 2015, Belmain also signed a deal with H&M, a Swedish retail store.

To be held in Shanghai, China

It has been announced that this year’s runway event will be held in Shanghai, China.

This is one of the largest markets of the company.

The Fashion Show is the pre-holiday and culminating event that gathers supermodels, fashion personalities, and celebrities. Along with the actual products, the models also model gigantic pieces that go with the collection. Some of the models expected to make their appearance have already announced their participation via their own social media accounts.

Previous editions of the event were held in New York, Miami, London and Los Angeles. Last year, Paris played host to this much-anticipated runway show. The Victoria’s Secret fashion event will be aired on November 28 on CBS.