Selfies have become a daily routine for millions of people all over the world but, as any photographer knows, the lighting can make or break a photo. Recently a Startup company known as "FashionIt" released the "GloLens" illuminating lens accessory that can capture images at a wide angle and includes three lighting settings that make it easier to take great photos in bright areas, dark areas, or even places like dance halls where the light is flickering and ever-changing. The technological lens sells for $22 and comes with a USB and carrying case.

Yet Fashionit is dedicated to more than selling items. Since its establishment in 2013, the brand has used portions of their proceeds to help the needy. For every purchase made, the organization donates money to a child in "SOS Children Villages" which helps support orphans worldwide with better opportunities for lifelong success.

Recently, president and inventor Annabel Wolman spoke about the company, its creations, and its mission, via an exclusive interview.

Technology, photography, and design

Meagan Meehan (MM): When and how did you get interested in technology and why did you gravitate towards photography?

Annabel Wolman (AW): I have always been fascinated with how technology changes our lives, even in the small things.

I realized that I wanted to be part of it and bring new and exciting tech accessories that have a stylish look and also a great functionality (and this obviously includes photos and selfies). This has been our goal ever since we started FASHIONIT.

MM: What gave you the idea for the GloLens and how long did it take to develop?

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AW: Well, selfies are everywhere, I see the girls here at the office obsessed with Instagram and getting the best possible photo and wasting so much time to improve the angle and lightning, so we wanted to give our customers the best and easiest way to get the perfect other kinds of photographs like landscapes, etc.

MM: Was it difficult to find the materials to create GloLens and how did you find the proper way to fasten/secure it?

AW: Every product development is challenging, but getting the final prototype is so exciting we always forget how hard the process was...

MM: What were the most challenging aspects of designing it, how did you get it on the market, and what has the public response been like?

AW: To create the right product our customers would love. Millennials are so specific that even getting the right shade of pink can be challenging! We attended trade shows and used representatives all over the country. The response was amazing, people just love it and are getting super excited when they see it…which, as I mentioned before, makes you forget how challenging the process was!

Inventions, ideas, and advice

MM: Do you plan to evolve this product and maybe make future versions smaller?

AW: Of course, we always try to evolve the successful product and create new generations. We definitely plan on doing so with the GloLens. Not necessarily smaller versions as it’s pretty small and tested to be the perfect size to have best results, but we have some other exciting ideas already in development.

MM: What is the greatest thing about being an inventor and are you presently working on any cool new designs?

AW: The process of creating something from scratch that starts as a drawing or an idea that eventually becomes to an actual invention, and then a product, is super exciting. We are working on some cool new developments, stay tuned.

MM: If an aspiring product designer asked you for advice, what suggestions might you give them?

AW: Make sure you have the right "go to market" strategy and ask your target audience for their opinion, I'm always amazed how detailed consumers are these days, they will probably give you an entirely new perspective you never thought about.