Traveling is one of the most enriching experiences one can have. It doesn’t only take you away from your daily routine, but also from your comfort zone. With every new trip, we become more open-minded and learn new things about the world. People who travel a lot mostly know all the hacks and tricks that will make their trip easier, but Travel mistakes are not that rare, even for those who are experienced. What are some of the most common mistakes people make when they travel?


This might be considered the biggest travel mistake. You’re looking at your wardrobe and thinking you can’t do without most of the clothes you’re looking at.

You’re combining outfits in your head and thinking how good they’ll look in your photos from those fancy places you plan to visit. However, you probably come home from your trip and realize that you did not wear half of the items you brought and considered ultimately important.

Overpacking can mean your luggage will be difficult to haul around or you’ll even end up paying extra luggage fees for exceeding the weight limit. As this is a scenario everyone would love to avoid, only pack the items you’re sure you’ll use. Once fully packed, review everything you have and try to reduce the load a little bit more. Besides, keep in mind that you’ll probably buy many things at your destination.

Not buying travel insurance

It's basically ingrained in people to decline "add-ons" when purchasing just about anything. Travel insurance, however, might be something you want to take a second look at. Of course, people always hope their trip will go as smoothly as possible, but if that isn’t the case and you do not have travel insurance, you might end up with extra expenses.

That, in turn, can mean you’ll run out of money earlier than expected. This can totally ruin your trip as you might have to skip some of the activities you planned. To avoid that, don’t be sorry to spend those extra few dollars and make sure you have travel insurance.

Not getting local currency on time

In many countries, cabs, public transportation, local markets, and other small vendors are cash only, so exchanging currency before you leave the airport is a smart move.

Many people find themselves in a situation where they need a cab as soon as they leave the airport and then realize they don’t have any local money.

Credit cards are great to use where you can, but most of the places and things you need to deal with first only let you use cash. If you can’t find that currency in your country and bring it from home, do it at the airport. Besides, many travelers claim you can get a better exchange rate at the airport than elsewhere.

Having unrealistic expectations

Everyone would love for their trips to be perfect and the way they imagined them. However, things often play out differently and we need to go with the flow. While it is okay to have some expectations about the place you’re visiting, don’t let that dictate your attitude during the trip.

Even if you get a bit disappointed, try not to get grumpy; stay open-minded, tell yourself that you’re there, and try to make the best of it. Keep enjoying your wanderings and use every new situation as a learning experience.