Famous across the globe, Lush Cosmetics has won the hearts of many people. Their products are all-natural and vegan, with no unnecessary packaging. They took the world by storm with their bath bombs that change bath water into an array of colors, glitter, and scents. Lush has just recently released their full product line for Halloween this year. Let's take a closer look at some of our favorites.

The bath and jelly bombs

Similar to the bath bombs, jelly bombs are placed in the water and dissolved. However, these jelly bombs appear to ooze a layer of slimy jelly on top of the water.

This jelly primarily consists of skin softening nutrients and delicious scents.

The Monster's Ball Bath Bomb takes the appearance of a pink cyclops. This bath bomb puts out swirls of pink into a deep blue and purple water base. It has a fruity lime scent with a bit of neroli perfume. It's truly a beautiful bath bomb that has won over many people.

The Pumpkin bath bomb is shaped like a carved jack-o-lantern. This bath bomb is bright orange and scented with vanilla, cinnamon, and pimento. It's sure to remind you of delicious pumpkin pie or an amazing fall night!

Ectoplasm is the first jelly bomb that Lush has made.

It's scented with the citrusy scents of tangerine and grapefruit. The green slime that coats the top of the water is made from seaweed, which is extremely good for your skin. You're sure to come out of the bath feeling smooth and smelling fresh!

Other spooky products

Aside from the bath bombs, there are other products that Lush makes that are just as good and spooky for the Halloween season.

These products are sure to leave you feeling just like an autumn day!

Hedgewitch is a bar soap designed to keep your skin soft and clean.

It's made with cocoa butter and blackberries. It has a tart and fruity scent to it. This soap is great to clean, moisturize, energize, and lift yourself up.

Sparkly Pumpkin is a bubble bar. You let it crumble under the running water and it fills your bath with bubbles and glitter. It's made with juniper berry, lime and grapefruit oils to energize you after your bath. This blend is sure to leave your skin soft and a little sparkly.

Last but not least is the Lord of Misrule shower cream, although you can find it in bath bomb form as well. This is used just like a normal shower gel and is bound to leave you feeling fresh. It's scented with patchouli, black pepper, and vanilla. With such a sweet and spicy scent and soft skin, it's no wonder that this shower cream has such a mischievous name.