With the protests in Barcelona, Spain right now, it may not seem like the safest place to Travel to. Although there are protests taking place, they are largely peaceful. Tensions are still running high, and protests can break out at any time. Still, the State Department hasn't issued a travel advisory or warning, and now is a good time to travel to this sunny, warm city. There is a lot to see in Barcelona, and the cost of living is inexpensive especially if you're converting dollars to pesetas. To fully enjoy your situation, it's better to be aware of what is happening and avoid places where protests have taken place.

What every traveller needs to know

Barcelona, like any large city, has its problems. Recently 22,000 were evacuated from the Barcelona Tomorrowland Festival due to a fire. No one was on stage at the time of the fire, and there is no reason to believe that the incident was anything more than an accident. Travel and Leisure reported that the protests in Barcelona are more likely to be an inconvenience rather than a danger. Although metro stations and shops have been closed during the protests, they have reopened. Flights in and out of the city have been unaffected by the protests. Travellers can best avoid these situations if they stay out of Las Ramblas and Montjuic where there were protests. They took place in Barcelona, the capital of the Catalonia region of Spain because separatists want to separate the region from the rest of country.

It is a rich epicenter of commerce in the country. In 2014 Catalonians held an unofficial vote for secession. At least 80 percent of the voters wanted to secede. Now it is 90 percent. According to the Spanish Constitution, secession is illegal.

NBC News reported that the protests are having an effect on soccer in the region.

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The Barcelona soccer team played its game during the protest to 98,000 empty seats. The stadium was closed amid safety fears. While FC Barcelona played to an empty crowd, hours later the Real Madrid soccer team played to a packed house of cheering fans waving Spanish flags and cheering "We are all Spain" and "Long Live Spain!".

Although there were around 850 injured during one of the protests, so far the events have been peaceful, and no one has been killed. Soccer is very important and popular in the region. In financial terms, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid is each worth more than the New England Patriots or New York Yankees, as reported by Forbes.

Barcelona at least worth a day trip

For those who are visiting other parts of Europe right now and are looking for a way to take in Barcelona, it may be worthwhile to take in a Day Trip. According to the Travel Channel, it only takes about one to three hours to reach any place in Europe by plane, and so it's possible to spend seven hours in Barcelona and see all the sites.

There is a lot to see in the city too. The most important thing to do before travelling there is to plan ahead. There is an app available that works without wifi and provides train schedules for the Barcelona Metro. Apps like this can help you plan itinerary and stick to it. Prepare for a delay at customs at the airport so it's best to leave early.

Barcelona is known for its architectural masterpieces of Antoni Gaudi, so it's best to take in as many as possible. Start with the Sagrada Familia as it is his most spectacular work. Visit the Arc de Triomf and then have lunch at La Rambla. There are also 10 boutique hotels for those in the mood for shopping. Park Guell is well worth the effort as is a short bus trip to Bunkers del Carmel, which was used during the Spanish Civil War to defend the city.

Although ISIS claimed responsibility for the recent attack in Barcelona, another attack was foiled in Cambrills, and there have been no further attacks. So far, it is safe to travel even though there may be a few inconveniences.