At 69-years of age, Maye Musk has become the latest brand ambassador for renowned beauty brand CoverGirl. The mother of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, her self-made billionaire son, is not only a model, however, as she is also a dietician and nutritionist, a fact that has obviously paid off with her great looks.

In their press release, COVERGIRL announced the addition of Musk to their “lineup of fierce women” that is breaking the boundaries in beauty. According to Newsy, in their video below, their portfolio has some celebrity names, including Sofia Vergara and Katy Perry.

COVERGIRL’s oldest model and aging

Maye told The New York Times that she has been modeling for some 50 years and is thrilled with her new role as a model for COVERGIRL. While announcing the news on Instagram, Musk thanked COVERGIRL for including her in their “tribe of diversity,” adding that beauty is truly for women of all ages. She told the Times that aging has been good for her, as with age you develop confidence and are able to handle the “knocks” of life a little easier. While she has been modeling for so long, she added that previously it was only on a part-time basis, so she feels she is “just getting started.”

Musk went on to explain she had three kids within three years, which slowed her down in the past.

However, at that time she was 28 and was the oldest model in the city while working as a dietician and nutritionist.

Elon headed to Twitter to congratulate his mother, telling her he loves her.

Three successful Musk children

It turns out Maye brought up three children on her own, with the help of her twin sister, Kaye, and they are all doing well.

Elon founded his own business, creating rockets and launching Tesla electric cars, among other wonders. Kimbal is launching a sustainable food movement, while Tosca is in the movie industry and looking forward to the launch of PassionFlix, a type of “Netflix” but for romance films.

Living in South Africa at the time, and along with helping her father with his chiropractic clinic, Maye started modeling at the age of 15 and had also earned a bachelor’s degree by the age of 21.

She was also a finalist in the Miss South Africa pageant in 1969. However, on turning 31, Maye divorced her husband, leaving South Africa for North America with her three children.

Back in 2015, Maye explained to Vanity Fair that her children grew up knowing she worked hard and that the harder you work, the better you do. She added they also had to be responsible for themselves, while also helping her, as she gradually advanced her career. It has certainly paid off for the whole family.

Musk can be heard speaking about nutrition in the video included below.