Coffee chain giant starbucks is set to release its newest menu for the autumn, as the season is just around the corner. The new set of food choices contains healthy ingredients, as well as vegan components, The Independent reported.

The world-renowned coffee chain has gathered a team of food developers to work on this new set of food choices. Aside from celebrating the new season of fall, the goal has always been to bring more variety to its customers, the report added.

Inspired by the heritage of the company from the United States, these stores that are set to offer the new menu will cater to the growing interest of customers for healthy food options.

The new items on the menu range from turmeric-flavored lattes to healthy porridges. Here is a glimpse of what to expect from the fall-inspired set.

Grains and cakes

The new Starbucks menu has porridges of different types. The classic oatmeal porridge is a creamy mixture with chunky, fully-cut oats. The porridge can be topped with either jam, dried fruit, seed mix or honey, The Independent reported.

They also offer five-grain porridge, which is both vegan and gluten-free. The bowl is composed of rice, quinoa, golden linseeds, oats, soy and coconut milk.

Its texture is very flavorful, with some hints of cinnamon that is suited for the season of autumn.

Aside from the porridge bowls, the coffee company is also offering a variety of cakes. First on the list is the pumpkin spice loaf. According to The Independent, the flavor is just right without being too strong. However, the spices inside the bread are what makes the cake tasty.

They also offer salted caramel cakes and lemon loaf cakes.

Both health food choices, the salted caramel version is a blend of both salty and sweet. There are moist icing layers, sufficient enough not to become too sweet. Then, the lemon loaf version is fluffy with hints of lemon drizzles.

Turmeric Latte

Furthermore, Starbucks also goes vegan-friendly with the new turmeric latte on its menu. The new drink inspired by the organic ingredient. It was recently launched in 200 Starbucks locations.

The turmeric latte drink is made with the main ingredient, mixed with steamed milk, espresso, and more spices. The coffee chain has offered customers an exciting way to customize the drink and turn it more vegan.

According to the company’s official release, they can choose dairy-based alternatives such as coconut and almond without taking away the taste of turmeric blends. The new menu is available in selected stores around the world, such as in London.

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