Two Starbucks stores in Chicago recently debuted their “sushi burrito,” a fusion of two famous Japanese and Mexican snacks. The coffee chain giant introduced their Chicken Maki Roll as the newest offering on their menu, Food And Wine reported on Monday.

According to the article, two remodeled Starbucks stores in The Loop and in Bronzeville became the only two coffee chain branches that offered the sushi burrito to their customers in the United States. Starbucks has described the new menu offering as “a classic California burrito made with chicken, with a twist.”

Food and Wine also stated that the sushi burrito is only up for a limited time in these stores.

But they are part of Starbucks’ “expanded Mercato menu.” The world’s famous coffee chain recently opened a luxury store in Windy City, Chicago, another report in Fortune said.

Burrito’s big break

The new sushi burrito is a revolutionary fusion snack, that is exclusively offered by the coffee chain. The Chicken Maki Roll is slow cooked with ingredients such as tomatillo salsa, lime, fresh cucumber, pickled cabbage, avocado, crispy onions and more, the website added.

The chicken used as meat is shredded to perfection, while the tomatillo salsa is fire-roasted. The burrito is enclosed inside a roll of sushi rice and nori wrap. Since it is a Japanese-Mexican fusion dish, the rice is used instead of the classic tortilla.

Other restaurants are known to offer giant sushis on their menu, but the food website made it a point to clarify that the Starbucks offering is just a usual hand roll, more than a big sushi. The coffee company is reportedly looking forward to bring more products like these. With the launch of the Chicken Maki Roll, the company treats this as sushi burrito’s “biggest break” in the country.

Wider menu selection

The new food on the menu is part of the company’s campaign to offer more food choices for its lunch menu. The “Mercato” lunch menu began in April in over a hundred store branches in Chicago, Illinois, and in more than 200 branches in Seattle, Washington.

“Mercato” is an Italian term for “marketplace,” according to Food and Wine.

The website added that the lunch menu has various selections of salads, sandwiches, sides and desserts that are perfect for the healthy lifestyle.

The dishes are known to have high levels of protein and are intended for the vegan diet. They are made with fresh and flavorful ingredients that are of the highest quality, to make sure that customers are satisfied.