This year’s New York Fashion Week has kicked off with a show from fashion designer and film director Tom Ford. His show was attended by top celebrities who also wore stunning designer clothes, Vogue reported.

Correspondents from the fashion magazine were on the scene to witness Tom Ford as he showcased his sharp and sexy collection for Spring 2018. The celebrities who were present at the event include Kim Kardashian West, Naomi Campbell, Gwendoline Christie and the unexpected appearance of Chaka Khan.

The New York Fashion Week is set to feature more designers in the coming days.

There will also be shows dedicated to certain brands such as Desigual, as well as a show made exclusively for the hit reality show, “Project Runway.”

Celebrity sightings

As the models walked on the runway, all eyes were on them including those of A-list Hollywood celebrities. In attendance was Kim Kardashian West who wore a latex design outfit. American actress Cindy Crawford came in a silver shimmer ensemble, Vogue reported.

The arrival of recording artist Chaka Khan was a surprise since she was not expected to attend the Tom Ford show unlike Kardashian and the others. However, the designer appreciated this as she brought in her own gold-plated fan.

90s-inspired fashion, bright colors

The designer chose Park Avenue Armory on New York’s Upper East Side as the location of his fashion show.

The place was vast, with an interior design that dates back from the Industrial revolution in the late 19th century.

CTV News described the whole scene as a luxurious living room bathing in pink lights, as the guests each took their share of vodka cocktails and champagnes before the start of the show. As the lights dimmed and the models opened the show, the main theme of Tom Ford’s collection was loose and satin trousers paired with oversized jackets.

The designs featured extensive shoulder blades, orange and white leather trenches, and tight bodysuits underneath. It was generally a leg show, as the models showed off their lower limbs coupled with the bright sequined patterns of the dresses.

The designer described the collection as 90s-inspired, saying that women wear clothes during the daytime that existed before.

It is the year 2017, he said, but many of today’s outfits still retain the vibe of the previous decade.

The runway show transformed from the sexy atmosphere into a glamorous affair of elegant gowns. The long gowns offered sheer overlays, bright sequins over the arms and just the right amount of bling, CTV noted. The New York Fashion Week will run from September 7 to September 13.