Meghan Markle has finally broken her silence and has spoken out for the first time about some personal things. Fans are divided on how they feel about the recent exclusive interview in the October issue of Vanity Fair. Some of her fans thought she should not have spoken out about her relationship with Prince Harry.

In the article, the actress charted their journey from the time they were introduced at his Invictus Games in the summer of 2016 up until the present time. She shared how they dated quietly for six months before their relationship was confirmed by Buckingham Palace. It was at that time that Prince Harry submitted a statement for the media to back off and give his girlfriend privacy.

Even though the Vanity Fair interview was the first one in which Meghan has spoken out about her relationship with Prince Harry, they are often in the news whenever they meet and take trips together.

Fans divided

Some of Meghan's fans had some harsh things to say about the interview. They did not mince their words when they said she should not have given so much information about her personal relationship. One fan said she is confused because once the actress wanted privacy, and now she agreed to a tell-all interview where she talked about her relationship with the prince in addition to talking about her biracial background and her successful career on the popular hit legal drama, "Suits."

There are just as many fans who support her decision to have spoken out.

A great number of her fans agreed that there was nothing wrong with the actress telling her story on her own terms.

Support for the interview

According to E! News, Prince Harry said he was pleased with how the interview turned out, especially since it was Meghan's first time speaking publicly about their relationship. Meghan did not hold back when she expressed that the two of them are really happy and in love.

The couple also like the gorgeous photos that are in the magazine. Photographer Peter Lindbergh sent copies of them to Meghan as a gift, and she is thrilled to have received them. The cover photo has the caption, "Wild About Harry." That explains how Meghan feels about the fifth in line to the throne of England.

The Vanity Fair article indicates that Meghan would have fallen in love with Prince Harry even if he was not royal.

She said she is not defined by her relationships. She let fans know that she and Harry have a beautiful love story, and perhaps she will tell more about it one day.

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