Meghan Markle is on the October cover of Vanity Fair. Inside the magazine, the 36-year-old actress speaks out for the first time and shares information about her one-year romance with Prince Harry and other interesting things, such as her bi-racial background and her acting career on the popular legal drama, "Suits."

Meghan's journey

Meghan was introduced to Prince Harry in July 2016 at his InVictus Games.They started dating quietly before their romance was confirmed in October 2016. A month later, Prince Harry issued a statement asking the media to stop harassing his girlfriend.

The couple was photographed together for the first time in December 2016.

Meghan expressed that she hasn't changed during her relationship, even though the public expected her to change. She gets support from friends and from Harry. She indicated that she doesn't read the tabloids about her, her relationship with Prince Harry, and her acting career.

Prince Harry and Meghan do a lot of things together every chance they get. Either he visits her in Toronto where she is filming "Suits," or she visits him in London.

When she visits, she spends weeks at a time with him. They are back from a three-week Africa trip. Harry took her there to celebrate her birthday when she turned 36 years old on August 4.

Changes made and more to make

The actress admits that things haven't always been easy for her since she started dating Harry, but she deals with them the best she can. Meghan has already given up some things since she has been dating Harry.

For instance, she gave up her social media presence, including her lifestyle blog, "The Tig."

She plays Rachel Zane as the paralegal turned lawyer on "Suits." The drama aired its 100th episode last week. However, Meghan might not continue with the show after this season if she gets engaged to Harry. Fans of the show are waiting to hear if she will return for another season.

People are speculating that Prince Harry will propose to Meghan before the end of the year.

If she marries him, she will not be a typical royal bride. She is a bi-racial American who is divorced. Not only that, but she is three years older than Harry. None of that matters to the couple.

Meghan summaries her relationship with Harry by saying they are two people who are really happy and in love. She admits that she and her boyfriend are part of a great love story that she would love to tell one day. The title of her story in Vanity Fair is "Wild About Harry."

For more information about Meghan Markle, pick up the October edition of Vanity Fair.

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