The Fall season officially began on September 22. It is also the day of the autumn equinox which also marks the final day of summer, USA Today reported. Longer nights should also be expected during this season.

NASA said that the Earth’s position with the Sun has something to do with the changing of the season. For instance, the Earth’s the North Pole points to the Sun during summer and points away from it during the winter.

The autumn equinox marks the first day of autumn and is also the transition from summer. The United States Naval Observatory said it happened exactly at 4:02 p.m.

last Friday. On December 21, the Northern Hemisphere is slated to welcome the winter season.

Hot weather during fall?

However, Americans noticed the hot and humid weather in some parts of the country despite the coming of the autumn season. For instance, weather temperatures in Wisconsin and Minnesota were recorded at more than 20 degrees above average, CNBC reported.

Meanwhile, the Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee recorded it at 93 degrees, causing a very hot atmosphere in this location. The National Weather Service told CNBC that this humid weather is brought by “a long ridge of high pressure in the atmosphere,” which is evident in Eastern and Central United States. The presence of this high-pressure area brings hot air into the atmosphere.

Fun facts

Aside from pumpkin spices and the time for harvest, fall also offers a lot of exciting things. CNN listed some fun facts about this season.

Autumn is characterized by falling leaves colored yellow and orange. However, it has been said that these “fall leaf colors” also exists in spring and summer. As summer ends, lesser daylight and colder temperature break down plant pigments and bring out the yellow and orange from these leaves.

These particular colors are also utilized for tourism in many locations in the United States. Tourists take photos with these trees and post them on social media. Areas in the northeastern part of the country are earning billions of dollars in tourism only within this season because of the trees that produce these leaves.

Many stores are also releasing limited edition flavors with their products, particularly the pumpkin spice blend. However, the taste of these products is far different from the actual taste of the spice. Stores create them using processed chemicals that mimic the aroma and taste of pumpkins, CNN added.