Summer officially ends in a few weeks, but that doesn't stop the U.S. food manufacturers from releasing the most desirable scent and flavor on all the unsuspecting, yet albeit willing, American consumers.

Please don't get me wrong, I love pumpkin spice, especially since it heralds in the beautiful Autumn season. However, it feels like it's just too early for the leaves to be changing and the neighbors to be hauling out the Halloween decorations.

Americans spent $360 million on pumpkin spice foods

According to Nielsen, $360 million was spent in 2015, by Americans alone, on pumpkin spice-flavored foods, drinks, and scents.

Going one step further, Forbes, in 2015, said that Pumpkin Spice-flavored everything would become a $500 million industry, and sure enough, it did.

And, if that wasn't a high enough number for you to wrap your lips around, how about this -- if Forbes' 2017 richest people put all their money into one cauldron for the year 2017, they would be able to supply every American consumer with all items manufacturers produced and stores placed on their shelves for the entire 2017 autumn season.

Too much spice in the pumpkin basket?

While food companies and manufacturers are continuing to go large and bold with pumpkin spice-flavored everything, some consumer reports tell a story that there just might be too much spice in the pumpkin basket.

In fact, there are some foods that have no business being in that basket.

Fool me once, fool me twice, just keep adding that wonderful spice to everything I can get my hands on. It doesn't matter what manufacturers are putting the spice into or on, consumers adore it, buy it, and are thrilled when they see it advertised anywhere, especially on shop windows.

Trendy products not doing as well as the classics

Despite food companies adding autumn spice to everything, some of the more trendy products aren't doing as well as hoped.

1010data reported that the top five products among the Top Ten pumpkin spice consumer items resembled classic hot drinks and coffee creamer pumpkin spiced-flavored products.

Making the top ten list were spiced-flavored and scented sauce, candles, yogurt, and Cheerios.

Antidote to daily stress

Demand by consumers continues to push manufacturers to come up with new and more creative products. Autumn flavors and scented products is a very big business in America.

Consumers admit that flavor is important, but what is just as important as the experience.

Americans crave the taste and sensation of that warm, cozy and delightfully scented spice as an antidote to daily stress.