Last month, Tesla made a subtle, overnight change to their website. Without any flashy announcements or press releases, this environmentally friendly company made a big step forward for sustainability.

Tesla officially removed “leather” from their website, and they replaced all of their leather interior options with synthetic alternatives. From now on, conscientious buyers can ride in style and guilt-free, without adding to the environmental footprint.

Tesla’s switch to vegan leather is consistent with their mission statement

This step should come as no surprise since Tesla’s mission statement is “to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.” But it wasn’t quite the overnight switch that it appears to be.

At a shareholder meeting back in 2015, Tesla owner, Elon Musk came face to face with investors pushing for leather alternatives.

Tesla tried cloth seating for their Vegan clients, but they didn’t seem ready to take the plunge into faux leather. In 2016, Tesla owner, Elon Musk, responded to a Tweet, confirming that their Model 3 would become available with leather-free options, it was just a matter of time before Tesla delivered on their promise with other models.

Tesla Models S, X and 3 are available only with vegan leather interior

The all-electric car company officially switched from cowhide to vegan alternatives for the Model S, X and 3. Currently, the standard steering wheel is still made with leather, but a faux leather steering wheel is available, too.

Like Bentley, which is starting to develop leather alternatives, Tesla’s vegan leather could be made from mushroom products.

Shift in leather interiors will expand environmental awareness

This green car company already has a loyal following, and no doubt Tesla’s move to vegan leather will draw new customers to their market, particularly vegans and animal rights activists.

PETA’s Director of Corporate Affairs applauded this decision and said that “PETA will continue to urge all companies to follow Tesla’s lead in choosing sustainability and kindness over cruelty.” But animals are not the only ones who will benefit from Tesla’s Eco-friendly decision.

With a growing clientele, Tesla can help lead the way to lower greenhouse-gas emissions.

The cattle industry (which includes the leather industry) puts out more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transportation sector.

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