Good news for Electric car lovers especially those who placed an order for a Tesla Model 3 vehicle. Tesla CEO and businessman, Elon Musk revealed that the first car might be delivered within the week after it has passed "regulatory requirements" two weeks ahead of schedule.

Affordable Electric Vehicle

Musk and his EV company have been working on the affordable model for some time now, and electric vehicle lovers are anticipating the release of the first "mass market" electric car. Model 3 has made quite an impression to the public since it is dubbed as the electric car for the masses.

It makes the technology more affordable to everyone with a $35,000 price tag before incentives, according to Tesla's official website.

Musk posted a Tweet about the release of the first model 3 after passing regulatory inspection last July 2. The company is expected to accelerate the release of units in the coming weeks to keep up with the demand for the electric car model.

According to CNN, Musk and Tesla are planning to produce 100 electric cars unit by the month of August. The number is expected to rise to 1,500 by September and a whopping 20,000 units by the end of the year. However, reports say that there is still a backlog of orders of the most popular Tesla electric car.

Pre-order for the car model opened three years ago.

The model was so popular that it garnered about 300,000 orders initially. Today, the company hasn't released an updated number of orders for the said electric vehicle, but a spokesperson stated that the numbers are continuously soaring high with deposits still coming in for consumers who want to own this specific EV.

Elon Musk discusses EV Features

Just like it predecessors, the model boasts of the Autopilot feature that has been controversial earlier this year, when a person driving a Tesla in autopilot died from a crash. However, Musk also revealed that Tesla had already upgraded its autopilot feature to make it safer for drivers. Although cheaper than older models, it will use the same Superchargers available everywhere for electric car users.

The model is said to run for 215 miles per charge and can run from zero to 60 mph in 6 seconds.

Musk reiterated that releasing a more affordable electric car is a step towards accelerating the transition to sustainable transport. The CEO believes that the use of clean energy will be beneficial for the planet in the long run. The success of his campaign for a sustainable transport will depend on how fast Tesla can deliver the orders of its most coveted EV just yet.