Taylor Swift’s latest single titled, “Look What You Made Me Do,” premiered at MTV’s VMA event on Sunday. The singer enjoys a reputation of finding inspiration of numerous songs from her real-life events. The song managed to cause a bit of a ruckus both, on and off stage. First off, Katy Perry was nowhere to be found when the song was being live-streamed at the event. Second of all, “Look What You Made Me Do,” overtly disrespected celebrity couple, Kim and Kanye West.

As pointed out by TMZ, Swift made an indirect reference of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with Julius Caeser’s backstabbing character Brutus.

There is a long and complicated history spiralling down between Swift and Kanye. The feud began in 2009 when the singer was giving her acceptance speech and West interrupted during the process. A couple of years later in 2015, the two seemed to have made up as Swift introduced him at the VMA 2015 ceremony. The real trouble began when Kanye released his song, “Famous” in 2016. The song’s lyrics read, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why, I made that bitch famous.”

Taylor Swift is upset

This made Taylor Swift upset, as she claimed that she was not informed about being referred to as, “bitch,” in the song by West. This is where Kim Kardashian entered the picture to save her husband from any backlash.

She shared Snapchat “receipts” wherein Taylor Swift is seen approving the lyrics of the song. Swift on the other hand claims that she approved only the first half of the lyric, not the second. In fact, she wasn’t even informed about the second one. “He (Kanye) promised to play the song for me, but he never did,” the singer wrote in her Instagram post.

The issue was even discussed on “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” reality TV show in length. Subject to public scrutiny and humiliation, Swift did not forget the matter, it seems.

Kim feud with Taylor Swift

Taylor seems to have gotten her revenge on the celebrity couple. At the same time, the two hardly seem affected by it.

According to a report by People, Kim feels that the feud with Swift ended in 2016. Sources close to Kim and Kanye West suggest that they don’t care about the song. The source even goes on to add that the couple finds it “pathetic” that Swift is even trying to keep the old fight going. They don’t wish to pay any heed to Taylor Swift or any of her jabs at them at the moment. Kim and Kanye are focusing on more important things in life, especially their family.