Cancer is deadly but doesn’t develop overnight. Information about cancer is still evolving, but it's agreeable that cancer develops due to one’s lifestyle decisions. It’s estimated that one of every three American citizens is at the risk of developing a form of malignancy in his or her lifetime.

Doctors have been able to improve treatment and diagnosis of cancer through understanding the biology of cancer cells. Everyone is recommended to get some regular checkups, including screening tests that help detect the deadly disease earlier before it shows its symptoms.

You can also play a role in making your body cancer free through changing your lifestyle.

Avoid tobacco

Using any tobacco type puts you at a high risk of contracting cancer. Smoking has been linked with several kinds of the disease, making it the biggest cause. It leads to cancer of the mouth, lung, larynx, throat, bladder, kidney, cervix and pancreas. Chewing tobacco causes cancer of the pancreas and oral cavity. Therefore you should make a decision and quit smoking. For a non-smoker, secondhand smoke still puts you at a risk of contracting lung cancer. You can also consult your doctor about stop-smoking products and strategies that help you to quit.

Make sure you eat a healthy diet

What you consume affects your body positively or negatively.

Avoid sugary drinks because they cause obesity, diabetes, and endometrial cancer. Foods like green bananas, white beans and rolled oats which have resistant starch, help reduce the risk of colon cancer, which is caused by too much red meat. Also, studies show that calcium may protect you from colon cancer and therefore a cup of low-fat milk or a cup of spinach in your salad can help you a long way.

Acrylamide, cancer causing compound develops when foods are baked, roasted or fried at high temperatures as a result of chemical changes. The French fries and potato chips are a few examples of these foods. It's safer to eat mashed potatoes and pretzels. Garlic is good as it helps to stimulate the immune system to defend your body from cancer.

You can also add cruciferous veggies, artichokes, green tea, onions, wild salmon, red grapes, and a glass of wine or beer daily to your diet. They will all help you a long way.

Filter your tap water and take plenty of it on daily basis

By filtering your water, you reduce exposure to suspected carcinogens and hormone disrupting chemicals. According to President’s Cancer Panel, filtered Tap Water is safer than bottled water, but it's advisable to store the water in stainless steel. Plastic bottles contain chemicals BPA that can contaminate your water. Taking plenty of water, at least 8 cups a day helps you reduce the risk of contracting cancer of the bladder by helping to flush cancer causing agents through the bladder faster.

Lastly, you should avoid unnecessary exposure to radiation, industrial and environmental toxins, and infections like HIV. You should also take low-dose aspirin, exercise regularly and go for scanning repeatedly. By doing all of this, you reduce the risks of contracting cancer.