MoviePass has been around since 2011, but it has been in the news recently because the monthly fee is now much lower than it used to be. Last Tuesday, the company announced it would reduce the price from $50 to just $9.95 a month for subscribers to watch one movie each day for an entire month. With the exciting news, people want to know if the service is as good as it sounds. Therefore, potential subscribers are asking a lot of questions about MoviePass.

How the subscription works

MoviePass is a subscription service that is available for use for seeing standard Movies but not 3D movies or Imax.

The thing to remember is that a subscriber can see as many movies per month as he likes, but he can see only one movie per day.

When you sign up at, you will be mailed a debit card. MoviePass will load the debit card with the full amount of the ticket. You use the debit card when you go to the theater. Your card can be used at 91 percent of the popular theaters in the United States such as AMC, Regal, and Cinemark.

When you go to the MoviePass website and enter your ZIP code, you will be provided with a list of theaters in your area that will accept your MoviePass. When you choose a movie you want to see, your MoviePass debit card will be loaded with the exact amount for a single adult ticket.

There are no restrictions on when a person can see the movie of his choice. As soon as a film is released, a subscriber can use his MoviePass. The debit card is for the person who registered it and cannot be shared with others.

AMC against MoviePass

After the announcement on Tuesday, AMC announced it disagrees with the plan.

The largest theater chain says it is consulting with attorneys in an effort to stop the service. It is the theater's belief that moviegoers will get used to the price and if the MoviePass is discontinued, they will stop going to the movies altogether. So far, the other major theater chains, such as Regal and Cinemark, have not attempted to block the service.

According to Business Insider, MoviePass had 20,000 subscribers last December when the price was five times higher than it is now. With the reduction in price, the expectation is to add 100,000 more because of the much lower rate.

Based on this information, will you register for a MoviePass? If you love movies, this service is ideal for you. The monthly fee is about the price of one movie. With the opportunity to see up to 30 or 31 movies a month is not a bad price for only $9.95.