People know most mugshots (also written mug shots) are not very flattering. A man disliked his mugshot so much that he turned himself into the police just so his photo could be deleted from social media. Wayne Esmonde was wanted in connection with an assault that happened on July 18.


The South Wales Police Department asked for help from the public. Esmonde himself saved the police a lot of trouble because he responded to the photo. In fact, to be sure the police knew he was serious, Esmonde left a total of three comments.

In his first statement, he simply said he was the one and stated that his mugshot was not very flattering.

In the second comment, he asked the police to delete it from Facebook. He added that he was innocent until proven guilty. In his third comment, the wanted man related that he had spoken to his attorney and he knows what to do next. He ended his final posting by thanking the police in advance for deleting his photo.

Mugshot removal

Esmonde kept his promise and turned himself in shortly after the photo was posted. The police deleted the original Facebook post. It is not unusual for the police to ask for the public to help with its cases through social media. However, they don't usually get reactions like the one they received from Esmonde.

The suspect explained the reasons he thought the photo of himself was not presentable.

He said the picture showed him with a shaven head and wide opened eyes. Even though Edmonde's photo was removed from the South Wales Police Facebook page, it is still available in other places on the internet.

Esmonde described his mugshot as "unflattering." However, there are mugshots on social media that look worse than his.

Then there are those that look very good. For instance, recently a criminal received a lot of recognition because of his good looking mugshot.

Jeremy Meeks become known as "Hot Mugshot Guy" after his 2014 mugshot went viral because people found him to be good looking. The 32-year-old guy was arrested on five weapons charges and two counts of gang relations.

He received modeling contracts while he was still in jail. After he was released from prison in March 2016 after 27 weeks, he appeared in major ad campaigns for popular clothing brands including Givenchy and Gucci. He has a manager who says Meeks has received modeling offers from all over the world.

As you can see, the reaction to Meeks' mugshot was quite the opposite of the reaction Esmonde had of his own mugshot.

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