Dwight Fields claims that he was wrongfully bitten by a K-9 from the Houston Police Department, and was mistaken for the suspect, according to KHOU11.

Fields told KHOU11, that he was working at his neighbors home as a handyman when he noticed the police were searching for a suspect that took Houston PD on a high-speed chase.

The actual suspect has been identified as Anthony Woods and was later arrested.

According to KHOU11, when Woods fled from his motor vehicle, police asked Fields to intervene. Fields refused to get involved. He told the KHOU11, that it was ‘none of his business.’ Fields pointed to the direction where he saw Woods jump a fence, and even told them that the suspect had jumped the fence, he told KHOU11.

As the search continued, a K-9 and his handler arrived on scene. At some point, the K-9 was let loose and attacked Fields by biting him. Fields was forced to go to the hospital, where he received more than 40 stitches, according to KHOU11. He suffered multiple bites to the side and back of his leg and is seeking $6,000 in medical bills that are owed, according to the lawsuit.

Fields maintains this could have all been avoided, and that the sloppy police work was a result of his Civil Liberties being violated, he told KHOU11.

Fields lawsuit is scheduled to go through the Federal Court System in the Spring of 2018.

4.8 million people are bitten by dogs annually

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 4.8 million people are victims of dog bites per year.

CDC says 800,000 of those bites will result in medical attention. Half of those seeking medical attention from dog bites are children, according to the CDC.

87-year-old woman is wrongfully attacked by K9

Meanwhile, an 87-year-old woman in Vancouver was also attacked by a K-9, according to News1130.

The report claims that after the Vancouver Police Department were taken on a high-speed chase, a man fled from the scene and ran.

The woman was simply minding her own business at her residence, when a handler was led down the block by his K-9. When the dog rounded the corner, it attacked the elderly lady. The K-9’s attack sent her to the hospital and she was later released, according to News1130.

Doug King, of the Pivot Legal System, told News1130, that something needs to be done about the wrongful dog attacks on civilians in Vancouver.

King claims that Vancouver PD has the highest rate of dog bites in the country. King says that better training is needed for the K-9 handlers.

There is no word on whether the elderly lady plans on pushing forward with a lawsuit or not.