Amidst the constant barrage of airbrushed images pouring out of LA, there’s a breath of fresh air coming from the West Coast. And it’s just the thing for normal girls who are constantly comparing themselves to Hollywood stars and trying to achieve those enviable bodies.

Jennifer Aniston actually has something relevant for normal women

Celebrity advice hailing from LA usually sounds and looks good, but is it even worth trying? Since it’s obvious that these dames don’t live a normal life, most women give up before they even begin. After all, who of us can afford personal trainers and top-of-the-line diets?

Luckily, America’s quintessential sweat heart, Jennifer Aniston, is practicing something that every other girl can try, too.

High profile yoga instructor focuses on more than just skin-deep beauty

Mandy Ingber is a woman most people aren’t familiar with, but you’re sure to know her clients. As an established yoga teacher in LA, she’s worked with A-listers like Jennifer Meyer, Ricki Lake, Brooke Shields, Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Lawrence, and of course, Jennifer Aniston.

Her approach to yoga is something she calls, “yogalosophy”, and it combines traditional yoga with fitness routines. And while famous actors turn to Ingber to get toned and slimmed, she knows that there’s more to a beautiful body than simply going through the motions, whether that be asanas or spinning.

Jennifer Aniston loves her body into shape

On the surface, Ingber’s fitness classes might not look very different from other yoga instructor’s. And even though yoga is incredibly beneficial, Ingber admits that it isn’t her favorite form of exercise. Yoga is just a vehicle for her most important lesson that she imparts to every student, celebrity or otherwise: self-love.

As she puts it, “We all need to learn how to love ourselves.”

Self-love is such a central theme to Ingber’s fitness approach because, for many years, self-love was anything but central to her own life. As a young woman, she suffered from perfectionism, eating disorders, physical assault, and even survived an attempted rape. Needless to say, Ingber has seen the full effects of hate and negativity, and this has led her to place great value on the power of love when it comes to you and your own body.

This unlikely LA secret of self-love goes hand-in-hand with health and wellness. Ingber says that “exercise is loving your body into shape…It’s not beating yourself.” This approach makes exercise much less intimidating for women who are already hard on themselves and extremely critical of their bodies, especially when comparing them to cover girls.

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