Entertainment Tonight shared a confusing update on Janet Jackson and some weight loss that she seems to contradict. ET says she's lost 65 pounds since the birth of Eissa Al Mana. In anticipation of her "State of the World" tour, Jackson opened up about her son and the split with his father, Wissam Al Mana. The singer warned fans on Twitter that she looks different. Is it because of pregnancy weight gain, more plastic surgery, or something else?

Janet Jackson's high-risk pregnancy

When Jackson and her husband Wissam Al Mana conceived a child in her 50th year, they knew that it was miraculous but also that it would be a tricky pregnancy.

The celebrity may or may not have been pregnant years ago (there were rumors of a baby that her sister raised). But her age alone meant that baby Eissa Al Mana could potentially have a rough go. Not long into the pregnancy, Jackson showed alarming weight gain of around 70 pounds. She was at risk for gestational diabetes, placenta previa, miscarriage, pre-eclampsia and other dangers.

Janet Jackson's contradictory update

Baby Eissa was born healthy in January and mom has been preparing for her "State of the World" tour. This involves hours of intense dancing and choreography. ET shared an Instagram picture supposedly taken at a recent rehearsal, showing that Jackson may have gotten obesity under control.

She also looks younger and the image appears to be made from a faded, wrinkled paper snapshot. ET said Janet had lost weight and gotten down below her pre-pregnancy weight. Then, Jackson posted a message on Twitter that baffled folks.

Jackson gained or lost weight?

The entertainer shared a selfie video in which she acknowledged that she had put on a few pounds.

Brother Randy Jackson mutters "more than a few." Janet snaps at him to keep quiet and then giggles. She warns fans that she will look chubbier on her "State of the World" tour which begins in Lafayette, Louisiana next month. Ironically, the plastic surgery and Botox could make her face look fuller. Is she following Michael Jackson's out-of-control nose job and facelift procedures?

Janet Jackson's workout routine

Regardless, the singer should get the pounds off with the 15-16 hours of daily rehearsal. Eissa will go with her on the road and she calls the 9-month-old a very "easy baby." But the separation from Wissam Al Mana may be harder to cope with. Janet didn't give details, and so far, they are only separated. What's happens now is "in God's hands." Meanwhile, Randy Jackson helps with the baby. Will it be too much to juggle a hectic schedule, a small child, and potentially a high-profile divorce?