When a person uses the smartphone or any other electronic device as he walks on the road, he could get involved in a serious accident and end up in the hospital. A study carried out has revealed that there have been more than 11,000 injuries in the United States during the period of 2000 to 2011 that could be attributed to phone-related distractions.

To avoid such mishaps, Honolulu has decided to ban the use of Mobile Phones while walking on the road and it will take effect from October. Those who violate the ban could face fines of up to $100.

The objective is to make them aware of the dangers when they walk and talk and curb the growing habit of 'distracted walking.' It is a fact that the mobile phone is a boon, but it can turn into a dreaded weapon if handled carelessly.

Gist of the ban

According to Daily Mail UK, Mayor Kirk Caldwell has clarified that Honolulu is a big city and it accounts for a significant number of pedestrians suffering injuries on the road compared to any other city in the United States. Hence, the step of imposing a ban was considered necessary to reduce the probability of accidents. The attention of people usually remains focused on the screen of their mobile phones as they are walking and they have scant regard for the surroundings.

Their eyes are on the screen rather than on the pavement, and they might miss a step and meet with an accident.

The fines to be imposed would vary from $15 to $100 depending on the nature of the offense and its repetition. The law will apply to different types of devices like mobile phones, paging devices, video games etcetera.

Safety of pedestrians is an area of concern, and the authorities want to reduce risks to the extent possible.

This is global problem

This issue is not unique to Honolulu or the United States but is a worldwide phenomenon. Technology has brought people closer. It is child’s play to establish contact with someone thousands of miles away because the response is immediate and requires pressing a button.

Apparently, people get carried away, lose track of time and could end up paying a hefty price for their careless attitude that could result in physical injuries including life threatening ones.

The habit of people using mobile phones while walking has become an integral part of today’s lifestyle. Therefore, cities in some parts of the world have introduced measures to minimize chances of major accidents. Statistics compiled for Accident Awareness Week in 2015 reveal that in Britain, 13 per cent of people have collided with someone or something as they checked their mobile phones on the move. This increases to more than 40 per cent when youngsters are involved.