UK-based charity organization, CoppaFeel, is on a mission to help young women get to know their boobs better. Youtuber Lily Pebbles is teaming up with them to help spread the word on breast cancer prevention. They’re based in London, but women everywhere can benefit from their life-saving work.

CoppaFeel founder knows all about breast cancer

In 2009, at the tender age of 23, CoppaFeel founder, Kris noticed a lumpy boob and her doctor dismissed it as “hormonal. Within a year, Kris’s hormonal lump was diagnosed as stage 4 breast cancer. Intensive treatment helped her overcome the worst of it, but she’s still fighting cancer to this day.

When Kris saw that advanced cancer can happen to anyone, even 23-year old’s like herself, she started a charity that primarily focuses on helping young people. With the right information, education and body awareness, CoppaFeels’ goal is to prevent other women from having cancer at any stage.

Youtuber, Lily Pebbles, passionate digital boob ninja

In her recent Youtube video, “Playing with Boobs,” Lily Pebbles takes us behind the scenes at the charity’s headquarters in London. Viewers quickly see that this organization isn’t about scaring young women, r feeding into the cancer craze.

Instead, it’s about taking the time to routinely check your boobs – and not just because of cancer threats. It’s important for women to know their boobs and bodies.

As Pebbles says, “It’s about shifting the power and taking the responsibility away from the doctors to identify [breast cancer] for you, which isn’t something that’s going to happen, so it’s about giving you the power to check yourself and look out for anything that’s different and changing.”

Removing the taboos

In true British style, CoppaFeels’ approach to all things breast is witty, funny and uplifting.

Their aim is to increase the conversation surrounding boobs, breasts and nipples without the usual shame and embarrassment that comes along with it.

As Miley Cyrus said when she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel live in August, 2015, “Humans aren’t afraid of the human breast, it’s the nipple that’s the issue.” So, to facilitate Breast Cancer Awareness, CoppaFeel wants young women to just enjoy breasts.

In their photoshoot with CoppaFeel, Lily Pebbles and fellow Youtuber, The Anna Edit, wear everything from Boob Ninja tees, to giant nipples and nipple hats. What better way to help women prevent breast cancer than to instill in them fun, curiosity and love for their breasts?

Jokes aside, CoppaFeel offers reliable breast cancer awareness tips

Breast cancer can happen to anyone. The same risk applies whether you wear double A’s or double D’s. This charity teaches women how and when to check their breasts. Instead of instilling a fear of cancer, CoppaFeel wants you to get to know your breasts better, and what’s normal and irregular when it comes to your body.