Henna is a versatile and valuable element that has a multitude of uses. The Benefits of henna are extensive, and it can literally be used on all parts of the body. From relieving stress to strengthening your hair, henna can change your life in all sorts of ways. Have you ever been sitting in a Henna Shoppe, watching as the artist tattoos your hand or arm and then felt relaxed? That relaxed feeling came from the smell of the henna. Are you wondering what else it is capable of? Perfect, then read on for more of its mind-blowing qualities.

In India, henna is referred to as mehendi and it represents the holy bond of matrimony that symbolizes the love between the couple and their families.

Meanwhile, in the Arab culture, mehendi represents love, sensuality, and good luck. In fact, the eccentric details of the mehendi were meant to ward off evil, attract good energy, and promote fertility. Regardless of which culture mehendi is being used in, it has the exact same benefits across the board.

For starters, mehendi has been proven to strengthen hair when applied to it. Unlike other forms of dye that result in damage to the hair, mehendi actually strengthens the hair follicles and does not have any permanent effects on the hair. This is why multiple applications are required to maintain the color that henna leaves on hair. Mehendi also seals the hair cuticle, prevents breakage, and increases shine to Improve the appearance of the hair.

An added bonus is the prevention of dandruff.

Henna does not only leave you with flawless hair strands, but also treats your nails. Most people aim to avoid contact with mehendi because it can leave marks on your skin, but this sort of treatment calls for a poultice rather than the traditional henna powder. The space under nails and cuticles are ideal locations for infections and bacteria, so treating your nails is definitely beneficial.

Mehendi can prevent nails from cracking and reduce inflammation. There are two options as to how to treat your nails, you can either directly soak your nail beds in a mass of the mehendi plant material, or drink water that the plant leaves have been soaked in. The benefits will result just the same.

What else is henna capable of?

Henna also has an anti-aging capacity, and can aid in keeping your skin firm. Fun fact: mehendi has antiviral and antibacterial effects that can also protect the body's largest organ, which is the skin. By applying henna juice and oil to your skin, you can reduce everything from signs of aging and wrinkles to the harsh appearance of scars and blemishes on the skin. Give henna oil a try, and your skin will surely thank you (if your skin can talk, that is). Also, mehendi oil can help with sleep, and can relieve your body of insomnia.

The next way mehendi can benefit your health, is through its medicinal properties. Mehendi can provide stress relief and improve blood circulation.

Along with these benefits, it can provide relief from fevers and headaches. The magic continues with mehendi's ability to heal wounds. Henna can also protect the skin against infections and eliminate inflammation. It is also useful for sunburn as it has natural cooling abilities that allow it to suck heat from the skin.

In other cultures, such as Jewish and Islamic traditions, they believe that mehendi can ward off the evil eye. In fact, they make henna patterns on brides extremely detailed so that it would have a harder time finding its way to the bride's forehead. This tradition seems unusual, yet clever.

Is it too good to be true?

Henna is breathtaking in an extensive amount of ways, especially when we see it on the arms of women, whether they are getting married or celebrating at a henna party.

Yet there is no foolery with mehendi, it truly detoxifies the body and improves spleen and liver health. It is all it seems to be and more! If your heart is not already sold on mehendi, maybe it needs to know that it takes care of your heart too, and relieves stress on your cardiovascular system while also effectively lowering blood pressure. It also indirectly prevents strokes and heart attacks. What's not to love?

Bonus benefits of mehendi include that it is an aphrodisiac due to its definitive smell and vibrant color. Henna has been around since Egyptian time and it was once used to stain the fingers and toes of Pharaohs before mummification. The ancient Egyptians believed that the mehendi kept them in touch with their spirituality.

Also, nails colored with henna signified a high social status (no wonder it is such a luxury these days). The only thing more beneficial than learning how henna can improve your health, is adopting mehendi into your life so that it can improve your health. Start embracing the benefits of henna right away, or just wait until your wedding day. The benefits will come eventually, but who wants to wait for stronger hair and a healthier body any longer than they need to?