There is no doubt that living in cities has dramatically reduced our connection to nature. Despite a majority of the world's population staying away from the natural world, there is no doubt that there is something deeply intrinsic about our connection to our environment. This is why we feel substantially happier when we spend some time with nature and also why we even feel happier while watching a nature documentary.

Watching the ecosystem unfold

Professor Dacher Keltner, along with a team from the British Broadcasting Company conducted a study recently in order to understand which genres of television positively affect our state of mind and well-being.

The survey included 7,500 participants from all over the world, along with a comprehensive list of genres available on television.

The results of the study were quite compelling, and it was revealed that watching BBC Nature Documentaries made people feel a lot happier in comparison to watching things like the news or any popular drama series. Most of the participants reported that they felt emotions like joy, amazement, awe, and curiosity while watching nature shows. They also emphasized the fact that they experienced reduction in anger, stress and tiredness.

Professor Dacher Keltner had this to say regarding the results of the study: “I have long believed that nature and viewing sublime and beautiful nature in painting, film and video shifts how we look at the world, and humbles us, brings into focus our core goals, diminishes the petty voice of the self and strengthens our nervous system.”

Understanding the world around us

The results of this study were frankly unsurprising, considering the quality of BBC nature documentaries today.

The recently released David Attenborough series “Planet Earth II” was a resounding success around the world, and it brought immense joy to millions of viewers.

Technology has allowed documentary film makers to explore facets of nature that have remained a mystery until now. Even when we make our way to wildlife reserves and sanctuaries, we only get a glimpse of unique plants and animals, but we never receive a chance to dive into the psychology of fascinating species.

Series like “Blue Planet” and “Life” provide us a chance to witness compelling behavioral patterns in animals in the most natural manner possible.

Nature documentaries utilize hundreds of crew members who spend thousands of hours studying unique natural phenomena in order to let us experience a slice of nature's majesty. It is truly special that billions of individuals around the world can draw search immense pleasure from the hard work and dedication of a few thousand environmental lovers.