There are hundreds of weight loss guides out there, trying their best to help people who are struggling with their health. Still, most of the tips are just fads and gimmicks that lead people to even more frustration over their current situation. However, there is one tip that will stand as the fastest, easiest, and the safest way to crack down some weight and lose some fat spontaneously.

Knowing when to eat will be the thing that makes you fit

Many people who are trying to lose weight understand the hardest part of the process - the diet part. They may all be familiar with what to eat or how much they should eat but this tip is not about that.

The greatest tip for weight loss is all about when to eat, which most people seem to have wrong. For some experts like Greg O'Galler, a fitness expert, they don’t believe that people are eating too much but they just eat too often every day.

In order to know when is the best time to eat, we have to consider the word "fasting" first. However, this type of fasting is not what most people actually think it is.

Intermittent Fasting is the best tool for weight loss

Intermittent fasting is a time-restricted feeding period and it has a lot of scientific support that goes along with its history. A study by The American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition said that levels of insulin in the body dramatically went down during the fasting period.

The reason is that IF will simply allow the human body to rest longer than it used to, and this will make the body expend all its energy from sugar which causes the body's insulin to go down. When the level of insulin in the body goes down, it searches for an alternative energy which it will then derive from the body's fat, which causes weight loss dramatically.

Even a scientific study from 2014 claimed that intermittent fasting can lead to a weight loss over eight percent in 3 weeks and can even assist those patients with diabetes type 2 and heart disease. A study by Cancer Investigation suggested that IF might help to treat cancer.

The method was first revealed to the world by Martin Berkham, a nutritionist consultant, and adapted by other practitioners that people familiar with, like Gregory O’Galler from Kinobody, Ori Hofmekler from Warrior Diet.

How to do the IF?

The easiest way to start Intermittent Fasting is to eat all your daily calories in an 8-hour window and the stop eating for 16 hours of the day. For example, you can skip your breakfast and start the first meal at 12 noon. After that, you can consume the remaining calories for eight hours or up until 8 PM.

During the fasting period (from 8 PM - 12 noon) make sure that you drink only zero-calories beverages like water, or black coffee and tea. At this point, many of the readers are probably thinking, “Can it affect my brain or decrease my performance?"

There is a study conducted by Journal of Molecular Neuroscience said that the IF may increase the growth of the new nerve cells and increase the levels of a brain hormone( BDNF) or brain-derived neurotrophic factor. It means that intermittent fasting will increase your performance and thinking ability.