robots have proved their worth in the fields of science and technology and proof of that is in Curiosity, the robot rover of NASA that has been on the red planet Mars for the past five years, searching for the presence of life and water. Therefore, the induction of robot by Wal-Mart to perform routine jobs should not come as a surprise and lead to raised eyebrows. It could mean the loss of jobs and unemployment but is important for the business to survive.

The robot revolution

Fox News reports that Wal-Mart introduced robots last August. In one of its stores, it replaced an employee who used to count cash and kept track of the money through the books.

The company has now transferred the task to a robot which is nothing but a machine far more efficient in comparison to any human being. It has the ability to count as many as eight bills per second and 3,000 coins a minute and can, also, transfer the money digitally to the bank. It is also equipped with necessary software to predict requirement of cash for any given day. The net result is freedom from armored vehicles to physically transfer money to the bank and translates into more efficient service.

Most Wal-Mart outlets have embraced this technology and robots are gradually replacing the humans engaged in routine jobs. These employees are being shifted to areas where they could be better utilized. Of course, many of them have left the company and fears of unemployment cannot be ruled out.

Why induct robots

The bottom line of any business is to make profits and, with the change in perception all around, especially in stores, it is necessary to innovate. The purpose is to bring down costs and remain competitive and the robot is an answer to take care of routine jobs.

The apprehension of unemployment could be there but, if the affected persons acquire new skills, they can always get a job.

It has happened with telephone switchboard operators – telephones today do not require the intervention of an external agency and, hence, operators have become redundant. When computers entered the scene, there were fears of loss of jobs but, computers have gradually become an integral part of our lives.

Robots at work is the new emerging trend, even in business.

Online shopping is gaining popularity and retail stores have to think up new ideas to remain in business. Under the circumstances, the concept of using robots is an answer and there are regular competitions held to encourage people to get interested in robots and robotics. Robo nurses, programmed to carry out specific nursing duties for the elderly, are entering the field of healthcare and robots are the future.

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