Are you trying to build your net worth? It may take some time, but it's something that you can definitely accomplish -- if you dedicate yourself to it. Then again, you might be doing some things right now that is making it an impossible feat. Here are 6 ways to destroy your Net Worth.

Bad Debt

No one likes being in debt, but when it comes to the net worth, that a major threat that no one really wants up their alley. Bad debt, can create health problems for persons having to experience it. These areas that must be looked at and avoided, are credit card debt, financial loans, mortgages, and even Student Loans.

Looking at the student loans, it is inevitable that those studying to become lawyers or doctors must go through these expenses in order to achieve their goals. However, once achieved, those debts can be cleared.

No Savings/Retirement Plan

There are people who live day to day, paycheck to paycheck, and have little sense on how to save on their income. It is vitally important and essential, that you invest in a savings plan and even for further down the road, a retirement plan. If there is no plan, then excessive spending will happen. Try living below your means, that way, it becomes easier to save on your income and your wealth may come sooner than later.

Open-Ended Risks

The unexpected expenses pertaining to personal accidents, or health issues, can really put one into a tailspin, and disrupt their net worth.

Even if those bad situations arise, there’s still a chance that people can protect their overall net worth. Make sure that it is very little or no risk with insurances, once that is maintained, people can protect their overall net worth. Apparently in the USA, when one is without medical insurance, there’s a likelihood of them going into bankruptcy.

Uncontrolled Spending

Your net worth is simply having to make more than you spend. So, increasing those savings over a period of time should be saved and not be tempted to take from those savings to overspend and throw yourself into debt. That then becomes a definite path to destroying your net worth. Even your credit debt can do that because it’s easy to get into excessive spending, especially when you don’t budget your income thoroughly.

Another way of destroying the net worth is by borrowing from the bank to buy something that was not necessary in the first place.

Failure to Maximize Peak Earnings

It is very important that one learns to maximize those earnings presented to them. Because, for persons who are college grads, their earnings will only reach the top when they reach their forties into their fifties. The only persons making big money in their early years of twenty are entertainers and athletes. Another way that their net worth can be affected is by changing jobs constantly, this reduces any significant earnings towards their net worth.