Having a college degree can give you a major advantage in being able to command a higher salary than others without one. But are you scared about raking up loads of student debt? Here are 4 ways to get a college degree without having to deal with student debt:

Join the Armed Forces

It may not be your first choice when thinking about college tuition, however, if you are someone who has been interested in serving for your country, there are many benefits, including college tuition assistance. There exists a program called ‘Post 911 GI Bill’ which can cover up to 100% tuition for their veterans.

Attend a state school or community college

The societal norm states that a prestigious college name perched neatly at the top of your CV can add substantial value in obtaining a job with an above average salary. However, what it does not state is the debt associated with that college name on your CV. The crisis is all too real where a clear majority of students in America rush to schools they cannot afford with hopes of a high paying job after completing college, this is hoping they do successfully finish their degrees. But there is good news -- state schools and community colleges offer the same degrees minus the incredible fees.

A student can spend up to $30,000 less per year just by attending these colleges which by extension means smaller student loans or no loans required, period.

Regarding the concern as to what a company is looking for, proper qualifications to match the position being offered.

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Apply to multiple scholarships every day

Many institutions offer different types of scholarships throughout the United States; from the U.S. Department of Education to private firms.

There are full scholarships and partial scholarships, and usually it’s dependent on what is offered, what you have applied for, or what you have qualified for. These awards are a grand help for many university students as it reduces costs in general and even affords students the ability to apply for smaller loans if necessary.

Aside from winning scholarships as a result of exemplary grades, doing your research early will also show you how soon and how often you can apply for scholarships via institutions offering the scholarships.

Study at an online university

Many reputable Universities are now offering online programs which have helped many achieve their degrees without the hassle of reaching a physical class on time and of course the stress of additional fees! There once existed a fear that online degrees carried less weight than a degree obtained via a physical classroom but that is not the case. Modern day companies have also actually incorporated online programs as part of their own in-house training which speaks volumes for online tutoring. One fine example of an Institution hosting such is Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Worldwide).