Traveling on a budget? Here are the pros and cons of low-cost airlines.

The good news: The prices are quite low, which means that people who travel frequently would be able to save a significant deal of money, as the savings for each of the flights would eventually add up. The prices are up to 80 percent lower when booking early, whereas the prices of low-fare tickets is two times lower even without the early booking.

Moreover, low-cost airlines sometimes offer additional price discounts for certain destinations, but for this type of offers one would need to either get lucky enough to find them by chance, or to keep an eye on the offers over a certain given period so as to find these promotions and benefit from them.

Also, the prices are lower even if one chooses to get a one-way ticket instead of a booking a return flight, and as opposed to regular airlines, low-fare ones do make this option available to their customers more frequently.

Another advantage would be the fat that many of the low-fare airlines actually have new planes, which makes the flying experience more enjoyable and also adds to the safety of the passengers during the flight.

The cons of low-cost airlines

The passengers of low-fare airlines often complain about the hidden fees applied by some of these Airline Companies, so one should double-check to see exactly what the low prices include, to make sure that all the necessary fees, taxes and insurance costs are included in the price of the ticket, and if there are many such fees that are not included, potential customers should calculate to see if the total costs are way larger than expected.

The hours of flying could be a major drawback to some people, as airlines usually offer discounts on the prices of the tickets for flying hours which are not very popular, such as flights at 5 AM or at midnight. There may be a few airline companies which actually tag the customers with low-fare tickets as chance passengers, meaning they risk having their flight either cancelled or delayed.

Refund policy

The refund policy of low-cost airlines does not usually support refunds, so if there’s a chance of having to reschedule your flight, you may want to be aware of the refund policy, as rescheduling could be more expensive than a getting a regular ticket.

Another drawback would be related to the amount of luggage you carry with you, as some airline companies include only the carry-on luggage in the price of the ticket while applying huge fees for excess baggage.

The financial side of low-cost airline tickets is important; it’s just that potential customers need to be aware of all the fees and to make sure that what they’re buying fits their flying needs.