Most of us have to deal with Stress generated by work and work-related issues. In fact, this is what stresses most individuals out nowadays and sometimes it’s not enough to relax at home – we often need immediate stress relief, a way to momentarily relax and have peace of mind in a hectic work environment. The best way to relieve stress at the Office, almost instantly, is to use specialized office and desk anti-stress gadgets.

Newton’s Cradle

The famous swinging toy is pretty much a desk staple, but certainly more than just a nice piece of decoration.

Newton’s Cradle is, for those of you who don’t know, a swinging toy with identical metal balls suspended from strings. Since the rhythm of the clicking sounds is repetitive and soothing, Newton’s Cradle is great for practicing breathing exercises, meditating, and letting your mind drift away. Dim the lights in your office, and, for a few minutes, breathe along with the clinking sound of the cradle. You will feel rejuvenated.


The classic slinky is much more than a simple children’s toy. According to recent research conducted at New York University, the slinky improves creativity and focus, at the same time improving cognitive function in general. The basic concept is fairly simple and logical – the relaxing movement and the sound that the toy produces impacts concentration, enhances focus, and relieves stress at the same time.


While a small desk aquarium is not necessarily a “gadget," it can certainly be a nice little addition to a monotone cubicle. A colourful fishbowl will inject a healthy dose of color into every office, but even a small aquarium can be much more than just an aesthetically pleasing desk decoration. Taking a five-minute break to watch your pet fish swim can elevate you into a meditative-like state, helping you relax and relieve stress almost instantly.

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Stress Balls

Small, squishy stress balls are the perfect way to relieve stress at the office. Instead of stressing out and waiting for work to finish so you can release all that stress and anger at the gym, you can do it immediately by repeatedly squeezing a stress ball. In one American study, it was found that school children that used a stress ball showed an increase in attention span, easily focusing on their tasks.

So, not only will stress balls help you relieve stress, they will also increase your productivity, consequently making you even less stressed out.

Chinese Medicine Balls

Chinese medicine balls, also known as Baoding balls are two solid balls that fit in the hand. Baoding balls are often recommended to those who need to exercise the muscles in their hands, but the repetitive motion of continuously rotating these balls in the hand alleviates stress and increases concentration, making Chinese medicine balls the perfect office stress reliever.