The radio and Chemotherapy are the standard protocols for the treatment of cancer. However, science is progressing more and more in this field in recent years with the development of drugs that have molecular targets for cancer cells. Therefore only the affected part is treated without harming the healthy tissues.

Well, there could be substantial changes in the therapeutic method to Breast Cancer. In particular, all women that are affected by breast cancer should not necessarily undergo chemotherapy. Only hormone therapy will be sufficient when the breast cancer is in the early stages.

If you are at an advanced stage, then chemotherapy should be used.

Importance of the genomic test

However, in recent years, genomic tests have been developed to evaluate the actual benefits of chemotherapy in addition to hormone therapy. Such genomic tests are a significant advantage because not all patients can tolerate the side effects of chemotherapy.

Patients can do this test free of charge in Italy, thanks to the Pondx trial program, which started in February 2016.It is currently underway in 11 centers in Lazio, Italy. The Oncotype DX test is very crucial, as it allows to know in advance whether chemotherapy in addition to hormone therapy can improve patient diagnosis.

Side effects of chemotherapy

However, what are the side effects of chemotherapy? These effects differ from patient to patient as all patients do not respond to the same treatment. Fatigue is one of the most felt side effects by people who undergo the chemotherapy treatment.

Side effects may depend on various factors, such as lower level of white blood cells as a result of treatment and difficulty in proper eating.

Other side effects include

  • Revulsion and vomiting which patient can control with anti-emetic drugs
  • Taste alteration
  • Loss of appetite resulting in diarrhea or constipation
  • Hair loss
  • Skin and nail damage
  • Nerve damage, such as Neuropathy Peripheral.

Triple-negative breast cancer

TNB cancer affects about 7500 women a year. Triple-negative breast cancer was difficult to treat because it does not even respond to the most effective drugs in circulation.

The only way to cure Triple-negative breast cancer is a mix of surgery that includes radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

It seems that the two treatments are much more efficient than traditional tumor treatments. Still, it looks a long and exhausting journey.