If you're anything like me who loves books, magic and a kick ass heroines, well Sarah J. Maas is the right author for you. Her novels are not only magical but also heart wrenching and well thought off. They're all a mixture of drama, romance, action and everything under the sun. Here are some of her books that are personally my favorites.

1. Throne of Glass

This is the first book I have read that Sarah J. Maas (SJM) wrote. It's the first installment of the series, and I fell in love with it completely. It's a story about an Assassin named Celaena Sardothien who was captured and made as a slave but has a dark and weary past.

While becoming a slave, she was redeemed by the Crown Prince with the offer of becoming his Champion in a tournament only to become like the King's Champion, the very man she hates. During this tournament, she had discovered evil in the Castle and had also grown close to the Crown Prince and Captain of the Guard as well.

2. The Assassin's Blade

This is a prequel to the "Throne of Glass." It's a series of novels about Celaena's life as an Assassin and the reasons why she is who she is. I love everything about this book because it's truly heart breaking and will leave one thinking about love found yet lost.

3. Heir of Fire

This is the third installment of the series "Throne of Glass, " and this book is full of quotes and lines that will truly affect you in your life.

In this book, Celaena set out on a journey to find answers about how to bring Erawan (the Valg King) down and end the darkness. While on this quest, she was feeling lost and depressed about the death of her dearest friend and she was in a very dark place. She was introduced to Rowan, a Fae male who will become a big part of her life and will train her to master her Fire magic.

This book will leave you hanging and hopeful. Thus, it is one of my favorites in the series because it talks about finding your way back to the light despite all the darkness you've gone through.

4. A Court of Thorns and Roses

It's the first installment of the series, and this book is about a human girl "Feyre" who fought for her family's survival by hunting food outside the wall built between human and Fae.

Upon killing a wolf, she was taken by the wolf's master, Tamlin, a High Lord in the Spring Court. She will reside in his estate forever as payment. As she stayed with him, she learned of the curse brought by Amarantha, an enemy, to his lands and her feelings for the High Lord transformed into love as she fought for the freedom of her beloved's people. This book is not my favorite, but one should read this to fully appreciate the second installment of the series.

5. A Court of Mist and Fury

This stunning sequel to the series is my favorite because it talks about accepting who you are and about forgiveness. It's about learning what real love is. I cannot reveal any more details to this book as it will spoil you but I urge you, dear reader, to seriously read this.