Dominique Cooper was evicted from the "Big Brother" reality show last week. Then she was given a chance to go back into the house if she won the Battle Back Challenge. She was eliminated in the first round of competition and Cody Nickson won and went back into the house.


Since her eviction, the 31-year-old government nuclear engineer told The Hollywood Reporter that she was disrespected in the house, especially by Paul Abrahamian who returned from the previous season. Dominique said Paul disrespected her because of her faith in God and her religious beliefs.

She added that because he disrespected her, he also disrespected God.

The Woodbridge, Virginia native said Paul was influencing the others to disrespect her also, especially Christmas who told her God wasn't in the house to defend her. Dominique said she didn't understand why Christmas didn't like her, but she admitted that there was tension between them. She said she couldn't understand the relationship she was establishing with Mark, but she thinks Mark and most of the others are following Paul and doing what he says instead of thinking for themselves.

Watching show from home

Dominique said she and her Dominators will watch the rest of the season from her couch and they believe Paul will eventually be doomed. She is rooting for Cody and Jessica to take Paul out. She is also hoping the others will see him as he really is. Dominique still contends that Paul is a snake just as she had often called him to his face.

The most recent evictee concluded that Paul had it in for her because she figured out who he is, and he went up against her and the others followed his lead.

She thinks Paul has no power, yet the others are letting him be the one in power. They are blind to what's going on in the house. She is hoping Jessica or Cody will take Paul out. Paul is afraid of what the duo will do to him to get back at him for being instrumental in evicting Cody previously.

Others think Paul will not win the game. In fact, he might be evicted sooner than he thinks. Since Cody has come back into the house, Paul is not as comfortable as he was when Cody was temporarily out of the house.

He knows Jessica is Head of Household and has the Power of Veto, but doesn't know she also has the final temptation of the season, the Halting Hex.

While Dominique is no longer a houseguest, she would like to see Paul lose and she thinks he will. Watch what happens on ABC on Wednesday at 9 p.m., and on Thursday and Sunday at 8 p.m.

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