Anthony Scaramucci, also known as the Mooch, has a new job, and his wife of three years is divorcing him because of it, according to Page Six. His wife is filing for a divorce from the new White House Communications Director. Reportedly, she knows her husband took the job with one mission in mind. He wants to get closer to President Donald Trump, and she isn't going along with it.

Deidre Ball

The New York Post reported that the 53-year-old communication director has been married to his second wife, Deidre Ball, 38, for only three years. They have two children together.

He also has a daughter from his first marriage.

Ball allegedly likes her nice Wall Street life and their house on Long Island. She is not at all interested in giving that up for Washington, D.C. Besides, she is not a fan of husband's new boss. Usually, a cause needs to be cited when someone files for divorce.

Ball gave a cause that was not on the usual list. She claimed she is getting a divorce because of naked political ambition. She said Anthony is obsessed with having a high position in the White House especially after he didn't a get a job along with the first hires in January. Even though he is entitled to $179,000 a year for his new job, he is not taking a salary. He doesn't want the job for pay.

He wants it to be close to Trump.

She can affirm that Anthony has had his eye on a job in the White House since Trump became president. He even sold his investment firm, SkyBridge Capital, back in January so he could be ready to go to Washington when the time came. His wife was the vice president of the company. As they say, "Things worth having are worth waiting for" and Scaramucci waited six months to get what he thinks is his ideal job with Trump.

Not only is Scaramucci a controversial new White House communications director who is dealing with the ins and outs of a new job, but now he will also have to deal with a divorce.

Scaramucci's reaction

Scaramucci asked the media not to drag his family into the news. He used Twitter on Friday evening to make his request known.

He insisted that his family doesn't need to be put in the media.

Scaramucci tweeted another request on Saturday morning asking the media to avoid covering the situation. He added that people will soon learn who in the media has class by the way this story is handled.

Scaramucci has been on the job only one week and he is making public and personal headlines already. This week he used vulgar language in his comments about former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. He later apologized for the language he used, but he didn't apologize for the feud they are having.