Albert Einstein is said to have been a genius with an Intelligent Quotient (IQ) of 160. Stephen Hawking also has an IQ of 160. An 11-year-old boy has scored 162 which is the maximum score anyone can achieve. That means Arnav Sharma scored two points above Einstein, who died on April 18, 1955 at the age of 76 and Stephen Hawking, a 75-year-old theoretical physicist, who is still alive, but has suffered from ALS since the 1960s.

Difficult IQ test

Arnav passed the difficult IQ test a few weeks ago without any preparation at all. The news of his score was announced on June 5.

His high score puts him in the top one percent of the nation as far as intelligence is concerned. Even though he received the maximum score, Arnav admitted that the two and a half hour test was hard and acknowledged that many people do not pass it and not many people score nearly as high as he did.

Even though the boy is still in elementary school, he has already been selected to go to Eton College and Westminister. Arnav is of Indian origin, but he and his family live in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Another young person with high IQ

On May 7, 2017, a 12-year-old girl also scored higher on her IQ test than Einstein and Hawking. The average score is 140, but Rajgauri Pawar scored 162, just like Arnav, which is the maximum that anyone can receive.

Also like Arnav, Rajgauri is of Indian origin but lives in Cheshire County, New Hampshire. They have a lot in common because she also ends up in the top one percent of the nation. Other children have also done the same thing as Sharma and Pawar have done. A 10-year-old Indian boy living in London passed with a score of 162 last August.

IQ scale

Anyone who scores 140 and above is considered to be a genius like Einstein, Hawkins, Sharma, and Pawar. That also includes President Donald Trump and President Bill Clinton who have an IQ of 156. President Barack Obama has an IQ of 145. However, Oprah Winfrey's IQ is 136 which falls into the gifted category.

It is interesting that while on the campaign trail, President Clinton accused President Trump of having an IQ in the single digits.

It turns out that they have the same IQ. It is also interesting that people with high IQ's are not exempt from doing stupid things and not knowing how to do simple things. For instance, it has been reported that Einstein never learned to tie his shoes.

We are aware of celebrities who are very successful, rich and powerful with very low IQ scores. That's because they know how to surround themselves with smart people who make sure they get things done. For instance, comedian Steve Harvey's IQ is only 93 which falls into the average category as well as singer Mariah Carey's whose IQ is 95. Singer Beyonce's IQ is only 78 which falls into the borderline deficiency category.

There are Intelligence Quotient tests online that you can take to find out what your own IQ score is.