According to a study, approximately 19 million Americans are currently suffering from major depression. People suffering from this medical condition live their lives while thinking all the while that they are worthless and helpless. Depression is most likely triggered by an extremely difficult life struggle, sadness, loss and other internal factors.

While depression can be cured through clinical treatment and medication, one can overcome this emotional state even without the supervision of a psychiatrist and therapist. Here are some of the most effective ways on how to overcome depression all by one’s self.

1. Get Some Sleep

People who are deprived of enough sleep tend to be more depressed compared to those who are not. Hence, the longer people are awake, the longer they feel the presence of depression in their lives. A study by Professor Angst of the University of Zurich reveals among others that sleep deprivation is one of the factors that worsen the state of depression. The study has been consistent with many other types of research which focused on naturally treating depression through getting enough sleep. If the body shuts down and rest, the regenerative function of the mind renews. Therefore, sleeping is one way of preventing the occurrence of depression as, during nap time, the mind of the person suffering from depression also rests and regenerates.

2. Exercise

Making a depressed person busy with Exercise is beneficial, both for the body and for the mind. While physical work will improve the body, exercise is believed to produce neurochemicals called endorphins which result to a happier and more positive mood. Many studies, some of which were conducted in the early 1900s, reveal that exercise is one effective way to prevent and cure depression.

Other researchers likewise show that people who engage themselves in fitness programs have significantly overcome their anxiety and depression. A simple jog in the morning or hitting the gym at least 20 minutes per day can make a huge difference in succeeding towards the fight against depression.

3. Mingle With Others

Spending some time alone could be the most common suggestion a depressed person might hear from other people.

While many individuals suffering from depression consider and follow this idea, in reality, this can worsen a person’s state of depression. Voicing your struggles and knowing that there is someone who will hear all the things that you have to say is one effective way to overcome depression. Friends and family can lift your spirit and make you feel better about yourself. Always remember that confining yourself will never solve the problem. You need to blend with others and let others help you cope up with all the struggles that you are experiencing.