For the US economy, WPD (workplace depression) is as costly as heart disease or AIDS. Workplace depression is costing the US economy $51 billion annually. The cost value is measured due to the absentees from work and productivity loss. Moreover, United States's economy is facing $26 billion in direct treatment cost of depression. Along with family crisis and stress, workplace depression is among the top three major issues for the working people.

Do not allow stress to convert into depression

To work and earn is the core need of everyone on this planet to make ends meet, but you should be aware to live a balanced and Healthy life too.

Below are given some tips to deal with workplace depression if you think that you are already in battle with this issue.

Make sure you are with a gathering that acknowledges having some entertainment and rumors anything during lunch breaks. Working round the clock and debating about work all the time can quickly bring you to the door of depression.

If you want to overcome the workplace depression, to feel lighter and fresh you just need to address the problem with a trusted colleague.

Short vacations

Going on short vacations whenever possible will also help in the case. If you have been working for months without actually taking a break and breathe, you certainly deserve a quick vacation. It is essential to take breaks during busy working routine for your mental health and also for the productivity of your business.

Attending quick holidays whenever possible will be a major cure for overcoming the WPD.

Short vacations during current work routine are fundamental for living a healthy life and also to earn a handsome income. Identify the most suitable thing about your job which makes you feel you good. Boredom usually makes us often end up with depression in our work.

Do what you love

Feeling sluggish during the work will make you more stressed that will slowly lead to severe depression. To handle the situation of dullness during your performance, it is very crucial to connect with the most loveable part of your job. Making most of your talent would also help you to vanish the WPD, for example, if you like to speak about certain topics then do it.

Taking workplace depression "lighter" will be something that can be costly if it gets critical. WPD can make the situation normal to worst very quickly, so it is advised not to take it lightly.