Have you ever heard of a turkey that hugs? It’s a thing and it’s more common than you might think. People are beginning to pay closer attention to these birds and are taking notice of their unique personalities. One thing they seem to have in common is an ability to bond, show affection and yes, enjoy a little snuggle now and then.

Albert the turkey Gives full-on, two-winged hugs

Albert the Turkey has been showing love since he was rescued from becoming a thanksgiving meal. He’s been known to give full on, two-winged hugs to his rescuer (or adopted Dad) Brad Pinvidic.

Now, he is not only a family pet but a welcomed guest at weddings and other events. Albert’s affection for people, pets, and attention has made him a bit of an internet star and has culminated in his own Facebook page and followers. Thousands of people are watching to see what adventure he’ll have next.

Adeline the turkey takes a cross country road trip

In March, Adeline from the farm animal rescue The Gentle Barn embarked on a cross country trip. The goal? To move Adeline from their California location to their Tennessee rescue, but also to show everyone along the way how wonderfully intelligent and affectionate these birds are. According to founder Ellie Laks, Adeline is a “master cuddle turkey” and she lived up to her title as she gave plenty of Turkey Cuddles to adoring fans who came to meet her.

President Lincoln had a pet turkey

Today, we have social media to bring these loving birds to our attention, but they have always existed. Abraham Lincoln is said to have spared a pet turkey named Jack because of Jack's bond with the President’s son. According to the Presidential Pet Museum, 10-year-old Tad requested and received an official order of reprieve for his beloved pet.

The Lincoln family obviously spotted Jack’s worth and because of this, Tad received much more than a holiday meal. He likely learned about friendship and unconditional love. The profound joy brought from a good friend, even one with feathers, was worth the president’s thoughtful reprieve. And this was before pardoning turkeys became a national tradition.

We need new synonyms for the word 'turkey'

If you look up the work turkey in a thesaurus you get words that include bonehead, dimwit and imbecile. Albert, Adeline and Jack are none of these things and they are not unique. Most turkeys are smart individuals with personalities of their own. Often, they enjoy giving and receiving affection but are missing the opportunity to express themselves. If you get the chance to interact with a turkey, take your time, pay attention and get to know them. You might get lucky enough to get a cuddle. For more Turkey Hugs watch: