Wayne Ivey from Brevard County, Florida, is a sheriff and he has taken to the social media to spread his message that it is now necessary for citizens to carry guns and be prepared to tackle terrorists. He has done this because such deadly attacks are reported from all over the world practically every day.

The sheriff’s point of view

Daily Mail UK reports that the duration of the sheriff’s speech was of six minutes and through it, he supported his statements with video footage of recent attacks like the one in London apart from domestic shootings like the Pulse massacre and even the 9/11 attack.

The sheriff of Florida exhorted his audience to realize the seriousness of such incidents, and for the sake of oneself and one’s family, it is necessary that they take up the challenge and put a stop to such gruesome activities. He went to the extent of announcing that Americans were at war (against terrorists) and to ensure safety, one must carry a concealed weapon. His clear-cut logic is that armed citizens can stop such an attacker irrespective of whether the weapon he wields is a gun or a knife.

In the final part of his speech, he advised citizens to join self-defense classes and to watch his police department's videos on 'survival.'

Reaction of the viewers

It was but natural that such a video of the sheriff of Florida would attract criticism and the critics felt that the sheriff had exaggerated the level of threat and had spread fear as well as panic among the citizens.

However, the threat is very much present and cannot be just wished away. The sheriff wanted to share his thoughts on this sensitive issue because there are reports of lone wolf attacks where the attacker would be someone who would never be a suspect.

The way terrorism is raising its head is a matter of concern for not only the law abiding citizens but also for those who have to uphold the law.

Hence, the question to be considered is how best to tackle such attacks when the assailant could be the boy from next door. One cannot know what is going on in the minds of others and the only solution would be to remain alert to one's surroundings and report anything that appears to be out of place.

Everyone must cultivate such a habit.

The American constitution allows citizens to carry guns for self-protection and easy availability of firearms has led to a number of mindless killings in the past. Hence, a more judicious appraisal of the existing gun control laws would be necessary so that the weapons do not fall into the wrong hands and create more problems instead of eliminating them.

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