Nine years ago, we saw how the two little Obamas campaigned for their dad, Barack, who was then running for the presidency. Malia and Sasha, then 9 and 8, immediately caught the attention of the media and public for their innocence and genuineness.

Malia and Sasha over the years

The two daughters of Barack and Michelle have been under the spotlight since the head of the family announced his desire to run for the highest post. At their young age, Malia and Sasha were seen campaigning for their father's candidacy on several occasions.

In fact, they would even participate in his outreach programs even after Barack won the 2008 presidential elections.

The Obama family also earned the public's adoration for their candid moments. Similarly, the then-president was regularly seen having some fun time with his girls despite his packed schedule. The four would often take their pet dog for a walk around the White House or enjoy some family time after a long day of work.

Michelle and the kids have been consistent in leading Barack's programs for the poor.

In 2010, Sasha joined her mom to serve meals to less fortunate in Washington. In the same year, the youngest Obama was seen enjoying an NBA game with her dad.

Life after the presidency

Barack formally ended his term at the White House on January 20, 2017. After his eight-year service, the African-American leader got to finally enjoy longer family bonding time with Michelle and their two daughters. In fact, the adorable family was recently seen celebrating Sasha's 16th birthday on Saturday, June 10.

The former U.S. president was all smiles as he posed for a photo with his youngest daughter who has grown into an elegant lady. Barack was looking beautiful in black suit matched with a blue undershirt, while Michelle slayed a black top down dress paired with a striped cardigan.

Sasha, on the other hand, slayed in red satin dress and her black hair down. People from the internet could not help but notice how the youngest Obama has grown so much over the years.

And although the birthday celebrant is not social media, thousands of people tweeted their birthday greetings to Sasha Obama who became one of the platform's trending topics.

The 16-year-old Obama is currently admitted at Sidwell Friends School in Washington. Barack previously said that his family would stay in D.C. for a two more years until his youngest daughter completes her subsequent studies. Sasha is reportedly a member of her school's cheerleading, basketball, and tennis teams.

Happy sweet 16, Sasha!

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