It was reported earlier today that the Trump administration just implemented a revised rule for US visa application. Its newest requirement requires the visa applicants to disclose their social media information for a background check. The decision came early today from the US government's Office of Management and Budget. Apparently, the announcement faced objections from the different sectors during the public comment period.

Basically, a new questionnaire will be given to the visa applicants. This will require them to fill in their biographical information as well as their social media handles which date back for the last five years.

Some critics believe that the revised application is yet another obstacle that the government has outlined in the path of its potential immigrants and other groups of people who would want to come in the United States.

Social media information to confirm identity

Amidst the news that the revised visa application is facing strenuous objections, the US government would want to emphasize that the additional information would be necessary to verify the identity of a certain person. Further, such information is also required in order to tighten the national security measures that are imposed in the US.

As per the report, filling for the new visa form is voluntary. This means to say that applicants can opt not to provide the information; however, applicants may also be rejected if they decline to provide important details, more so if they caught lying with certain information.

The new form will require applicants to provide information such as employment, residence, and their foreign travel for the past 15 years.

New form is a temporary measure

The said news has captured the attention of both US and non-US citizens. However, the US government has confirmed that the revised visa form which is designated as DS-5535 will only appear as a temporary measure.

Further, the Office of Management and Budget has granted a six-month emergency approval which is way too short compared to the usual which is three years.

On the brighter side, the visa form will also carry the expiration date until November 30, 2017. Further, a report from Reuters confirmed that consular officials would only use the said questionnaire when they feel the need for certain information to be confirmed or for them to conduct more rigorous security.

While Trump has promised to tighten the security along the US borders, the revised visa application form is already an initiative launch for his security plans.