Several sources say a man was a panhandler every day for about a year in front of the Honda car dealership in Brighton, Michigan. He held up a sign the read, "Homeless, please help." A younger panhandler who might be the man's son stood with him.

Managers of Brighton Honda dealership reportedly offered the panhandler a job to help him out after seeing him standing there begging day in and day out. The beggar allegedly turned down the job offer for an unusual reason. He was rude and said he made more money than all of them inside the Honda dealership.

Honda's sign

After receiving the rude and unusual remark, the Honda dealership posted its own sign to discourage people from giving money to the local panhandler that continued to stand outside the business. According to WDIV News, the manager placed a large sign under the hood of one of their cars for everyone to see.

The sign advised people not to give the panhandler money because he was offered a full-time job at $10 per hour. The man's response was written on the sign. People were advised to donate to a more worthy cause. The sign received a lot of attention especially from residents in the area when it was posted on social media. The post went viral before it was taken down.

Brighton residents didn't like the remark the panhandler made.

One resident, Dan Golem, called the panhandling a scam. Golem said most people work hard to provide for their families and the man is just standing there holding a sign and admitting that he makes more money panhandling than those who work in the nearby Honda dealership.

Reactions from residents

Others who work in the area spoke out about the panhandler and his attitude about not accepting the job offer.

Felicia Tubbs who works across the street at the Shell Gas Station said she didn't like seeing the man standing there on most days. She was glad the man was offered a job but was very disappointed that he did not accept it.

According to Fox News, the panhandler no longer stands with his sign in front of the Honda dealership.

It was reported that he was arrested for an unrelated incident and not for panhandling. He went to jail for being drunk and disorderly in some other location away from the Honda dealership.

More and more people are reluctant to give money to beggars for similar reasons. Others are known to have turned down jobs before they say they make more money doing what they do. Panhandling is restricted in some places in some cities.